The top online questions related to data recorders:

The top online questions related to data recorders:

This article answers most online questions regarding data recorders. Practical questions about the different types of data recorders, who uses the data recorders and why.

The top online questions related to data recorders:

What are the different types of data loggers?

There are many different data loggers in the market. The type of data recorder depends on a few questions:

What do you want to record?
For example, it can be temperature, humidity, co2, and voltage.


How often would you like to record?
It can be a one-time log or a multiple set of logs. If you can re-use your data recorder, buying multi-use data recorders is cost-effective.


How would you like to see the data?
If you would like to see the data instant, then it would be helpful to use a data recorder with a display on the recorder itself. If possible, you can download the data afterwards from the data recorder. Then use a USB data recorder.



What can be recorded by data loggers?
Temperature, humidity, CO2, Voltage


Who uses data recorders?

Everybody would like to know the conditions during the storage or shipping of goods. It can be the product owner or the third-party logistic company. If the data shows the conditionals are not ideal, all parties can optimize the conditions for the future.

If the conditions in an (ocean) container are not correct, for example, the humidity level is too high, you can use products to prevent quality loss with a Praxas Container Pack. The Praxas Container Pack contains a container liner, desiccants and data loggers.


Or, for air transport, you can use a TLX2 skin (pallet cover) to reduce the radiation of sunlight or protect against rain. By adding a USB temperature recorder to the pallet, everybody can check the temperature and humidity levels in the distribution chain.



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