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Tive Track & Trace


Track en trace van Tive

Real-Time visibility into your supply chain with Tive's track and trace solutions

When fragile or valuable goods are shipped, it is important that they are well protected against external risks. Knowing where things go wrong in the chain is important to be able to protect products optimally. With a track and trace solution from Tive, there is not only insight into location, but also temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement are detected by the multiple sensors in the device.

Tive's trackers provide real-time visibility of goods anywhere in the world. The condition of transported goods is tracked and monitored. By collecting and analysing data, new insights are created and shipments can be better managed.


de eigenschappen van een track en trace oplossing van tive

Tive's trackers provide real-time insights

Suitable for all modalities

The products are suitable for all modes of transport. Whether road or rail transport is used, transported by sea or by air, Tive's track and trace devices, their global coverage means you have insight into the condition of your products anytime, anywhere.

Tive Solo 5G

Tive Solo 5G  

The Tive Solo 5G is an innovative and cost-effective supply chain tracker that detects temperature, humidity, shock and light exposure. This single-use device provides global coverage via GPS, WiFi and mobile network, enabling real-time monitoring. Data is communicated to a secure cloud-based software platform. In it, shipments can be tracked, data analysed, geofences configured and customisable sensor alerts viewed, providing visibility into the chain at all times.

The tracker can be activated by just pressing a button. This single-use version is for one-time use, so no logistics are required to return the tracker.Er is keuze uit Lithium en Non-Lithium, waarbij Non-Lithium kan worden gebruikt voor luchtvracht. 


Kraats Kaas and Tive

Kraats Kaas, a customer of Praxas, is already using Tive's track and trace devices. Watch the video below for Kraats Kaas' experience with the Tive track and trace devices.


Would you like more information about the features and specifications of a track and trace device from Tive or would you like advice? Then feel free to contact us. Our specialists will be happy to help you gain insight into your supply chain.


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