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About Praxas

Our goal is 0% cargo damage in the logistics chain.

Praxas makes the difference. We are an ambitious organization with over 20 years of experience in the field of transport protection in the logistics chain. To prevent damage to cargo in the logistics chain, we provide innovative and customer-specific solutions that protect the goods as best as possible. How the goods are transported and where they are going is of little importance to us. We offer a suitable solution for every modality and risk. Our experts understand how frustrating it is for you if cargo damage has occurred during transport. The consequences are time-consuming, expensive and have an impact on customer satisfaction. They will assist you from A to Z with your issue.  

Our goal is 0% cargo damage in the logistics chain.

Over twenty years ago, Praxas was founded as a producer and supplier of ethylene filters, and at the time was primarily active in the AGF and flower sectors. It soon became apparent that several sectors were dealing with cargo damage in the logistics chain. For this reason, the range was extended with other protection solutions that contribute to the most efficient supply chain. Praxas is now active in multiple sectors and offers a solution for almost every risk. The knowledge gained over the past 20 years is now applied to linking the most appropriate techniques to specific transports. This is how we contribute most to our mission: preventing waste in the logistics chain.


To create efficiency in the logistics chain by reducing wastage of goods due to cargo damage.



We believe in 0% wastage of goods in the logistics process. No waste is efficiency. To realize this ambition we follow a strategy based on three pillars: specialism, development and quality.



CIMSense is a group of companies in the controls, instrumentation, measurement, and sensor spaces that are looking to bring on additional companies and partners that serve the life sciences and water treatment end markets.

Over the past 4 years, the CIMSense group has grown through 15 acquisitions. Our group has locations in the United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Philippines, with more global locations on the way.

Our Companies

• Advantage Controls (http://www.advantagecontrols.com/)

• R&D Specialties

• Carlon Meter (http://www.carlonmeter.com/)

• Transducers Direct (https://transducersdirect.com/)

• Precision Measurement Technologies (https://www.pmt-fl.com/)

• Praxas (https://www.praxas.com/en-gb/)

• Arjay Engineering (https://www.arjayeng.com/)

• Can-Am Instruments (https://can-am.net/)

• LogTag Recorders (https://logtagrecorders.com/)

• Thermco Products (https://www.thermcoproducts.com/)

• Control Solutions (http://www.vfcdataloggers.com/)

• Global Sensors (https://global-sensors.com/)

• Arctiko (https://www.arctiko.com/)

• Lascar Electronics (https://www.lascarelectronics.com/)

• Corintech (https://www.corintech.com/)