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Create custom digital displays in any shape with panel technology (14)

From design and installation to maintenance and repair, our team of engineers is ready to help you create the perfect digital display. We use the latest panel technology to bring you the best solutions for your needs. Our displays are sure to bring out yo
Lascar SGD 43-A Panel Meter
€ 217,88
Lascar SGD 24-M420 Panel Meter Digital
€ 81,90
Lascar SGD 28-M420 Panel Meter
€ 92,93
Lascar SGD 21-B Panel Meter Digital
€ 47,24
Lascar SGD 35-M420 Panel Meter
€ 112,35
Lascar SGD 35-M Panel Meter
€ 110,25
Lascar SGD 24-M Panel Meter Digital
€ 78,75
Lascar SGD 24-M-IP420 Panel Meter Waterproof
€ 168,00
Lascar SGD 70-A DK+ Development Package
€ 514,50
Lascar SGD 70-A Panel meter
€ 369,60
Lascar SGD 28-M Panel Meter Digital
€ 89,78
Lascar SGD 24-M-IP Panel Meter Digital Waterproof
€ 166,95
Lascar A-SIL5 USB Cable
€ 6,30
Lascar SGD 43-A DK+ Development Package
€ 386,40
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Create custom digital displays in any shape with panel technology

Panel Technology is revolutionising the way digital displays are used. With its innovative design and installation capabilities, Panel Technology can create solutions that meet your needs, whatever they may be. Panel Technology can provide you with the perfect solution for any application.

Panel Pilot technicians are available to help you design, install and maintain your digital displays. With their expertise and knowledge of panel technology, they can provide you with the best possible solution tailored to your specific needs. Panel Pilot offers a range of solutions for every budget and need.

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