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Insight into all your data

The PraxasCloud enables remote monitoring. With the power of IoT (Internet of Things), you are instantly informed of measured data. All data is stored in secure storage and can be accessed 24/7 from any device with an Internet connection. With various user and location management functionalities, the system can be easily scaled up and is perfect for both compact systems with a few loggers and enterprise solution with thousands of devices in locations around the world.

We are convinced that this is the best solution for checking things remotely.

Saves you time

No more daily or hourly checking, or paper records to worry about. Our App (for iOS and Android) makes it simple to set up your devices, and after that EasyLog Cloud is fully automatic, recording all data and letting you know the moment your selected measurement limits are reached.


Secure your data

Even if a data logger loses WiFi connectivity, data is stored locally and uploaded as soon as the connection to the Cloud is restored. No data is lost. All EasyLog Cloud data is securely held, and with indefinite storage available you can be sure your data is safe.



Quick View Dashboard

The Home screen Dashboard is a great way to view your most important information: 

◾Live device status for your Favourites
◾Overall system status and summary of any warnings
Review the most recent events
◾Easily navigate to see the details for data and devices




Advanced Notifications

Never miss a critical event with Praxas Cloud's flexible notification system: 

◾Immediate notifications based on your own selected measurement limits
◾E-mail and SMS
Sent to multiple recipients
◾Can escalate ignored notifications to senior staff




Powerful Data Analysis and Reporting

Review and analyse your data with powerful graphing functionality:

◾Compare data from multiple devices
◾Select data across different time periods
◾View data summaries and statistics
◾Print and export your results




Easy Device Management

All the control you need is ready at your fingertips:

◾View current readings and status on all your devices
◾Set your own measurement levels and configure your notifications
◾Quickly access and change device settings
◾Easily acknowledge and reset alarms




User Management Tools

For systems with multiple users, you can be your own System Admin:

◾Control system access and permissions for every user
◾Stet notifications according to individual devices and users
◾Full password control
◾Create your own customised user profiles





Detailed System Audit Records

Track activity and events with PraxasCloud's detailed audit trail: 

◾System records, including changes to users, locations and account settings
◾Device records, including events and changes to settings
◾Data records, including the addition of comments, data export and printing




For more information, PraxasCloud installation service or training, please contact us at telephone number: 076 50 40 268 or via email: [email protected].