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Ethylene filters for the elimination of ethylene gas (2)

Keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer with ethylene gas filters. Our filters are designed to absorb ethylene gas and reduce spoilage. Check out our selection of ethylene filters to keep your produce fresh for longer.
Box Freight Tube ethylene filters
€ 20,42
Praxas Styveck GK4 Ethylene filter, 5gr 2500 PCS
€ 231,47
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Ethylene filters for the elimination of ethylene gas

Ethylene gas is a natural plant hormone that speeds up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. It is also the main cause of premature ageing of flowers and plants. The presence of ethylene gas can be detrimental to the quality, freshness and shelf life of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables.

An ethylene filter eliminates ethylene gas to preserve the quality of these products. The filter consists of granules of purple polyethylene plastic that can absorb harmful gases such as ethylene. This helps to keep flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.


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