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Durable pallet covers to protect your pallets (4)

Pallet covers provide an extra layer of protection for goods transported on pallets. Our covers are made of durable, waterproof materials that protect against dust, moisture and other external factors.
Praxas TLX Pallet Wrap 10 m
€ 143,85
Praxas PALLETCOVER TLX2 80x 120 x 150/160
€ 196,35
Praxas Pallet cover TLX PMC 244 x 322 x 150/160 CM
€ 640,50
Praxas Pallet cover TLX2 100x120x150/160 - Copy
€ 183,75
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Durable pallet covers to protect your pallets

Cargo Covers are an essential part of transporting goods by pallet. They provide protection against moisture, dirt, wind, precipitation and insects. Cargo Covers are made of strong and durable material that is waterproof and does not tear easily. This ensures that transported goods remain safe and protected during their journey. Cargo Covers also provide an insulation layer to keep goods at the right temperature during transport.

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