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Cargo damage? Always a solution for every risk

Billions of goods are lost each year due to cargo damage during storage and transportation. Moisture, mold, breakage, theft, heat, cold. Risks to which goods are exposed during transportation. By sea, air, or rail or road. All over the world. Nobody likes cargo damage. Not you, but not the customer either. Fortunately, cargo damage can be prevented quite easily. Praxas offers the most appropriate solution for your problem. A solution for every risk.

The Robust EL-USB-1-PRO Datalogger for Accurate Temperature Measurements
In a time where accurate temperature measurements are crucial for various industries, the EL-USB-1-PRO Datalogger offers unparalleled reliability and precision. This whitepaper extensively explores the robust design of the EL-USB-1-PRO and its ability to measure temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius. It also highlights its versatility in facilities management and food temperature monitoring.
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Effectieve Bescherming van Bederfelijke Goederen
De casestudy bespreekt de uitdagingen van een logistiek bedrijf bij de transport van bederfelijke goederen, waarbij de TLX2 Pallethoezen van Praxas werden ingezet om deze problemen aan te pakken. Na implementatie resulteerde dit in aanzienlijke verbeteringen in de kwaliteit van de geleverde goederen, kostenbesparingen en een versterking van de reputatie als betrouwbare logistieke partner.
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Improve your transports with the LogTag Trix-16 Temperature logger
The LogTag Trix-16 is the linchpin in accurate temperature monitoring during the transport of valuable, temperature-sensitive products in sectors such as pharmaceuticals. With its wide temperature range and reusability, the Trix-16 offers not only reliability but also cost efficiency. The logger ensures product quality through real-time monitoring, seamless integration with readout stations, and adaptability to various transport tasks. Thanks to its user-friendliness, flexibility and reliability, the Trix-16 optimises companies' operational efficiency, leading to improved customer satisfaction and high-quality, safe delivery of products.
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Optimizing Cargo Protection with TLX Cargo Covers
In the rapidly evolving world of international transport, companies face the challenge of transporting their goods safely and undamaged to their destination. A crucial factor here is ensuring the quality and integrity of loads, especially under varying weather conditions and during different stages of transport. This whitepaper explores the innovative solutions that TLX Cargo Covers offers, in collaboration with their partner Praxas, to address these challenges.
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Temperature Monitoring Deep Frozen Vaccines
Many vaccines contain living cells, and so when stored for any length of time they must be kept within a suitable temperature range to prevent degradation. Vaccine shots that are allowed to fall outside the safe storage range quickly lose their potency, meaning patients may be poorly immunized or even gain no protection at all. This requirement to control vaccine temperatures at all times has led to the development of the cold chain: storage, transport and monitoring procedures that ensure potency is protected from the manufacturer all the way to each individual patient. But existing cold chain storage and monitoring measures may not cope with the extremely low temperatures required for some recently developed vaccines.
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Monitoring High Temperatures with the Lascar EL-USB-1-PRO
A food processing company prioritizing food safety produces and processes high-quality products daily. Their goal is not only to produce food but to instil confidence in their customers by ensuring excellence in every step of the process. Through innovation, they strive to approach perfection, providing a safe and reliable food experience.
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Optimal Temperature Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Transport
In the pharmaceutical industry, accurate temperature monitoring during transport is crucial to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of medications and pharmaceuticals. A leading pharmaceutical company, whose name remains anonymous for confidentiality reasons, has successfully deployed the LogTag Trix-16 Temperature Loggers to securely distribute their temperature-sensitive products to pharmacies. In this case study, we look at how this solution addressed their challenges and improved operational efficiency.
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Optimization of Cargo Protection
A leading international logistics company that transports various types of goods, ranging from perishable goods to pharmaceuticals and electronics, is looking for a solution to protect pallets against moisture damage and theft.
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Protecting futures in Slovenia - Temperature Monitoring of Vaccines
ZD Zagorje is a health care centre based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The practice is a fullservice centre offering private care, health education and a pharmacy. Child vaccinations are a very routine procedure in the centre - in fact, they’re possibly the most common procedure the clinic undertakes.
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Optimization of Indoor Air Quality in a primary school
A primary school, located in a lively neighborhood, is committed to creating a healthy learning environment for its students and employees. Given the growing awareness about the influence of air quality on the health and learning performance of children, the school management decided to invest in advanced air quality monitoring. They chose the ELIOT-CO2, an innovative air quality meter, to continuously monitor their classrooms and common areas.
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