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Cargo damage? Always a solution for every risk

Billions of goods are lost each year due to cargo damage during storage and transportation. Moisture, mold, breakage, theft, heat, cold. Risks to which goods are exposed during transportation. By sea, air, or rail or road. All over the world. Nobody likes cargo damage. Not you, but not the customer either. Fortunately, cargo damage can be prevented quite easily. Praxas offers the most appropriate solution for your problem. A solution for every risk.

Whitepaper - Optimizing Cotton and Textile Transport with Container Liner Plus: A Revolutionary Solution for the Textile Industry
The textile industry stands as one of the world's largest and most dynamic sectors, encompassing a wide array of products including clothing, household textiles, technical textiles, and more. The industry relies heavily on global supply chains and international transport to bring its products to market. However, this globalization has brought forth specific challenges, particularly in terms of transport efficiency and protecting sensitive textile products from moisture damage.
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Whitepaper - Improved Storage and Transport of Pharmaceuticals with the LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature and Humidity Logger
Ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical products, especially those sensitive to thermal conditions (PFSTT), requires accurate temperature and humidity monitoring during storage and transportation. This white paper will provide additional information on the LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature and Humidity Logger, which is designed to meet these requirements. We will also explore its features and benefits in detail.
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Whitepaper - Tools for Fast Interface and HMI Development
The continuous product evolution cycle that exists in today’s engineering industry brings with it enormous pressure for businesses to launch new and exciting products to the market faster than ever. The ability, therefore, to take a product from concept to a fully-functional device, in a greatly reduced time period, is vital.

Organisations may typically find this too much of a challenge, resulting in them falling behind their competitors. A lack of development resource can also lead to products being released with poorly designed user interfaces, a critical factor that will reduce market uptake.
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Whitepaper: Why slow, wet and cheap is the optimal and most sustainable way to ship electronics
lectronics are both complex and fragile products. This fact plays a big part when companies in the electronics industry make decisions about the supply chain of everything from computer motherboards to the latest generation smartphones. The primary priority of the decision making is often to protect products from moisture damage during transport. This is where the logic goes out the window, as many companies in the electronics industry choose outdated, ineffective, or unsustainable solutions.

In this report, we’ll take you through two client cases that show that ocean freight can be sustainable, safe and cost-effective. They can be due to our innovative moisture protection solutions, that keep your sensitive products dry and safe even in the wettest conditions. We’ve had the pleasure of helping companies in the electronics industry change to a more sustainable and effective moisture damage protection solution and hope this report will convince you to do the same.
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Complying With Indoor CO2 Monitoring Regulations
Indoor air quality legislation emphasizes monitoring CO2 levels for health and safety. Compliance is crucial in creating healthy environments, ensuring proper ventilation, and avoiding potential health issues.
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Case Study - Improving medical deliveries with LogTag HAXO-8 temperature and humidity recorder
This case study describes how an international humanitarian organisation that saves lives and provides medical assistance to people in crisis areas implemented the LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature and Humidity Recorder to ensure the quality and safety of medical deliveries. This mainly involves transportation of temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines to remote and often inhospitable areas.
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Be Green Solar - Intuitive Control Panels for Solar Power Plants
Established in 2008, Be Green Solar specialises in the design and installation of solar, wind and micro-hydro renewable energy systems for Non-Governmental Organisations.

The company was recently commissioned to improve the control systems of several solar plants in Haiti - a region left devastated by Hurricane Matthew which passed over in late 2017 leaving many towns and villages in the area badly damaged.
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Desiccants from Praxas
With the onset of meteorological autumn in the Netherlands, the weather becomes more erratic and humid. For many companies, this can be a nightmare, especially if they store or transport products that are sensitive to moisture. Fortunately, Praxas, a leading player in the desiccant market, offers the perfect solution to maintain product integrity. In this case study, we will look at a situation where desiccants proved essential and discover how Praxas can help a company out of the doldrums with their Absorgel Hanging and Absorgel pouch products.
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Droogmiddelen van Praxas
Met het begin van de meteorologische herfst in Nederland, wordt het weer grilliger en vochtiger. Voor veel bedrijven kan dit een nachtmerrie zijn, vooral als ze producten opslaan of transporteren die gevoelig zijn voor vocht. Gelukkig biedt Praxas, een toonaangevende speler in de markt van droogmiddelen, de perfecte oplossing om productintegriteit te behouden. In deze casestudy, zullen we een situatie bekijken waarin droogmiddelen essentieel bleken te zijn en ontdekken hoe Praxas met hun Absorgel Hanging en Absorgel Pouch producten een bedrijf uit de brand kan helpen.
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USB: Damp Control - Property Care Association
The Property Care Association (PCA), established in 2006, is the premier UK trade body for structural waterproofing, damp proofing and condensation issues. The organization offers support for technical queries relating to specialist work being carried out, or required on any property.

The PCA is the industry expert in enabling members such as property surveyors, contractors and consultants to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills in waterproofing and damp control treatment.
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