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Cargo damage? Always a solution for every risk

Billions of goods are lost each year due to cargo damage during storage and transportation. Moisture, mold, breakage, theft, heat, cold. Risks to which goods are exposed during transportation. By sea, air, or rail or road. All over the world. Nobody likes cargo damage. Not you, but not the customer either. Fortunately, cargo damage can be prevented quite easily. Praxas offers the most appropriate solution for your problem. A solution for every risk.

The Importance of Accurate Temperature Measurement for Vaccine Storage
The potency of vaccines degrades quickly when they aren’t stored within the correct temperature range. Monitoring and recording of temperatures within fridges, freezers and containers used for storing vaccines is therefore well-established practice. However, ensuring that readings taken match the actual temperatures experienced by vaccines requires the methodical application of best practice. Failure to do so can lead to the administering of vaccines that lack the necessary potency to ensure effective immunisation, or the unnecessary disposal of valuable stock.
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The Robust EL-USB-1-PRO Datalogger for Accurate Temperature Measurements
In a time where accurate temperature measurements are crucial for various industries, the EL-USB-1-PRO Datalogger offers unparalleled reliability and precision. This whitepaper extensively explores the robust design of the EL-USB-1-PRO and its ability to measure temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius. It also highlights its versatility in facilities management and food temperature monitoring.
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Effectieve Bescherming van Bederfelijke Goederen
De casestudy bespreekt de uitdagingen van een logistiek bedrijf bij de transport van bederfelijke goederen, waarbij de TLX2 Pallethoezen van Praxas werden ingezet om deze problemen aan te pakken. Na implementatie resulteerde dit in aanzienlijke verbeteringen in de kwaliteit van de geleverde goederen, kostenbesparingen en een versterking van de reputatie als betrouwbare logistieke partner.
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Improve your transports with the LogTag Trix-16 Temperature logger
The LogTag Trix-16 is the linchpin in accurate temperature monitoring during the transport of valuable, temperature-sensitive products in sectors such as pharmaceuticals. With its wide temperature range and reusability, the Trix-16 offers not only reliability but also cost efficiency. The logger ensures product quality through real-time monitoring, seamless integration with readout stations, and adaptability to various transport tasks. Thanks to its user-friendliness, flexibility and reliability, the Trix-16 optimises companies' operational efficiency, leading to improved customer satisfaction and high-quality, safe delivery of products.
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Optimizing Cargo Protection with TLX Cargo Covers
In the rapidly evolving world of international transport, companies face the challenge of transporting their goods safely and undamaged to their destination. A crucial factor here is ensuring the quality and integrity of loads, especially under varying weather conditions and during different stages of transport. This whitepaper explores the innovative solutions that TLX Cargo Covers offers, in collaboration with their partner Praxas, to address these challenges.
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The Application of IoT: Innovation and Efficiency in Various Sectors
Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that makes it possible to collect data from devices and share and manage this information via apps. This offers numerous benefits for both consumers and businesses, such as improved efficiency and quality control. In this article we discuss how IoT works, how Praxas and its suppliers such as Lascar, LogTag and Tive apply this technology, and its benefits in various sectors such as logistics, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.
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How temperature differences lead to moisture problems
Today it is a pleasant 22 degrees in the Netherlands, but for next week they expect a cold front from the North Pole, which could cause temperatures to drop below freezing. Large temperature differences can lead to moisture problems. How? You can read that below.
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Unexpected Twist: NHL Hit by Cargo Theft
NHL fans may already be aware: The National Hockey League has suffered a cargo theft, with far-reaching consequences for what should have been a legendary night.
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Praxas: For a Greener Logistic Future
Sustainability is the order of the day. Praxas is committed to reducing waste in the logistics chain and thus contributes to a green and more efficient future. Today is recycling day. Recycling is still difficult within Praxas, but we do want to focus on our efforts to combat waste through innovative products and solutions.
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What Praxas and F1 have in common
The test drives are in full swing and the first competition will take place in Bahrain on March 2. It is of course about the popular Formula 1. We are once again cheering en masse for Max Verstappen and hope for just as great a season as last year. But what does Praxas actually have to do with F1?
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