The Application of IoT: Innovation and Efficiency in Various Sectors

The Application of IoT: Innovation and Efficiency in Various Sectors

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that makes it possible to collect data from devices and share and manage this information via apps. This offers numerous benefits for both consumers and businesses, such as improved efficiency and quality control. In this article we discuss how IoT works, how Praxas and its suppliers such as Lascar, LogTag and Tive apply this technology, and its benefits in various sectors such as logistics, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.

What is IoT?

IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to collecting data from devices and sharing this information via an app. This technology allows users to control their devices via an app. Consider, for example, a washing machine that can start programs and send notifications when it is ready, or vacuum cleaners that can be activated remotely, so that the house is clean when you return home. In 2022, 83% of the Dutch population indicated that they had one or more smart devices or systems in their home. Smart TVs and virtual assistants are especially popular.


Collect data with Praxas

Praxas works with a wide range of suppliers, many of which use IoT technologies. For example, Praxas offers data loggers from Lascar and LogTag, as well as track and trace devices from Tive. These devices store data that can be read at a later time, such as temperature and humidity. Tive's track and trace devices also have sensors that detect movement, shock and light and transmit the location.


Practice an IoT

It is sometimes essential that products are monitored 24/7, especially if they cannot tolerate moisture or must be stored within strict temperature requirements. Data loggers or tracking devices with an internet connection offer a solution here. These devices are registered in a secure cloud environment. Users can set alarm values ​​and specify telephone numbers for notifications when these values ​​are exceeded. This ensures that people are immediately informed when intervention is necessary, which maintains product quality and prevents waste.


Applications of Dataloggers and Track and Trace devices with IoT

Logistics and E-commerce

Everyone orders something online sometimes. It is then important to know when the ordered product will arrive. Track and trace devices provide transport companies with immediate insight into the location of drivers and help to inform customers in a timely manner about any changes in delivery time. Tive devices offer additional functionalities such as detecting light, shock and movement. This can be of great value when shipping fragile or light-sensitive products. Defects can be identified exactly when they occurred, which is useful for insurance issues. The use of IoT in the e-commerce and logistics sector optimizes routes, minimizes delays and improves customer service.


Pharmacy and Medical Sector

Stable temperatures are often critical in these sectors. Think of a refrigerator with vaccines. If this refrigerator were to malfunction, this could have serious consequences. With WiFi data loggers from Lascar or LogTag, the temperature is continuously monitored and you receive an immediate notification in case of deviations. This prevents waste of valuable pharmaceutical products and inconvenience for patients.


Food & Beverage

In the Food & Beverage sector, IoT is used to ensure the freshness and quality of products. By carefully monitoring storage and transport conditions, risks can be identified and measures taken. Food products require specific temperature conditions to stay fresh, and improper moisture levels can cause mold and spoilage. Temperature and humidity sensors can be used to identify pain points during transport and take measures for subsequent shipments, such as adding desiccants. Immediate action can also be taken during storage to adjust conditions and reduce waste. Track and trace devices provide insight into the location and conditions of products, which contributes to consumer confidence.



IoT is the future and will also be increasingly applied in the workplace. It reduces labor burdens, provides insight into the location and condition of shipments, contributes to quality control and helps to work more efficiently. Would you like a free consultation from one of our specialists? We are happy to help you see how we can improve your processes. Schedule your online appointment here.


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