What Praxas and F1 have in common

What Praxas and F1 have in common

The test drives are in full swing and the first competition will take place in Bahrain on March 2. It is of course about the popular Formula 1. We are once again cheering en masse for Max Verstappen and hope for just as great a season as last year. But what does Praxas actually have to do with F1?

Collection of data

Collecting data is crucial in the world of F1. To optimize the performance of a Formula 1 car, the conditions on the track are of great importance. Humidity and temperature data help engineers and drivers understand the car's performance and adapt it to environmental conditions.

For example, humidity and temperature can affect tire wear, engine performance and aerodynamics.



In the world of Formula 1, accurate measurements are essential to optimize performance and ensure safety.

Engineers use advanced sensors and data collection systems to gather real-time information about track and environmental conditions.



Much attention is paid to protecting sensitive components in the car against damage that could be caused by extreme temperatures or humidity.

By using advanced cooling systems and sealed electronics, not only is the car better protected, but the driver is also safer on the track.


Measure & Protect

Just as Praxas strives to create a safe world by measuring and protecting goods during transport and storage, offering innovative solutions to ensure the quality and integrity of products, so too does Formula 1 require the accurate measurement of environmental factors such as humidity and temperature, while at the same time taking protective measures to protect sensitive components from damage.

By continuously measuring and protecting, both Praxas and Formula 1 teams strive for optimal performance and safety, and contribute to a reliable and stable environment for the logistics sector and motorsport respectively.



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