Monitoring High Temperatures with the Lascar EL-USB-1-PRO

Monitoring High Temperatures with the Lascar EL-USB-1-PRO

A food processing company prioritizing food safety produces and processes high-quality products daily. Their goal is not only to produce food but to instil confidence in their customers by ensuring excellence in every step of the process. Through innovation, they strive to approach perfection, providing a safe and reliable food experience.


The company faced a challenge in measuring temperatures during processes where food is briefly exposed to high temperatures for cooking or sterilization. Maintaining precise temperatures is vital to ensure food quality and comply with strict hygiene standards. Manual measurements were labor-intensive, and most data loggers couldn't withstand the high temperatures.



Praxas offers the EL-USB-1-PRO data logger by Lascar on their website. Known for its robust housing, this data logger can measure temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for measurements during the food processing process. As the logger is a standalone measuring instrument, it eliminates the need for integration into the machine, avoiding complicated installations. With its USB connection, the logger can be directly connected after measurements to access the collected data for further analysis.

With the Praxas cloud-connected data logging solution, you can real-time data for easy access anywhere and get temperature alarm notifications by email or SMS. It’s easy to install, and gives the possibility for constant data logging.

Implementation Process:

Application of the Data Logger: The Lascar EL-USB-1-PRO Temperature Logger was directly applied in the environment requiring temperature measurements, without the need for integration into the machine.


Resistance to High Temperatures: The robust housing of the data logger allowed the company to confidently conduct measurements at higher temperatures, essential for their processing.


Easy Data Reading: After completing measurements, the data logger could be easily read through the USB connection, providing the company with immediate access to the collected data.


Results and Benefits:

The implementation of the Lascar EL-USB-1-PRO Temperature Logger provided several benefits to the company:


Improved Quality Control: Accurate measurements enhanced their quality control, ensuring consistency and safety in their products.


Flexible Application: The ability to use the data logger independently, without complex integration, offered flexibility and simplified the temperature monitoring process.


Ease of Use and Speed: The straightforward USB connection facilitated quick reading and access to collected data, which is crucial for timely analysis and decision-making.



By employing the Lascar EL-USB-1-PRO Temperature Logger, the food processing company found a cost-effective solution for accurate temperature measurements without complex integration procedures. The data logger provided reliability, flexibility, and ease of use, enabling the company to enhance their quality control and ensure the production of safe food products.


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