Praxas: For a Greener Logistic Future

Praxas: For a Greener Logistic Future

Sustainability is the order of the day. Praxas is committed to reducing waste in the logistics chain and thus contributes to a green and more efficient future. Today is recycling day. Recycling is still difficult within Praxas, but we do want to focus on our efforts to combat waste through innovative products and solutions.

Waste in the Logistics Chain

Transport and logistics make a significant contribution to global CO2 emissions and waste. Every year, huge amounts of goods are damaged in transit, resulting in costly losses and unnecessary waste generation. At Praxas we believe that prevention is the key to reducing this waste. We help our customers protect their goods during transport, preventing unnecessary damage and waste.


Solutions from Praxas

Praxas has a wide product range, including data loggers, desiccants and container liners. These solutions are designed to protect goods from food and pharmaceuticals to electronics and vulnerable equipment. By providing the right protection, we help our customers reduce their environmental footprint while improving their operational efficiency.


Impact on the environment

By working with suppliers who develop their products with the ecological footprint in mind and by continuously improving our processes with environmental friendliness in mind, we strive to continuously reduce our impact on the environment.



We remain committed to a more sustainable future. By continuing to innovate and collaborate with our customers and partners, we believe we can contribute to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. We strive for a world in which less waste is the norm.


Together we can make a difference. At Praxas, we are committed to a greener, cleaner future for all of us.



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