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Protect your temperature-sensitive products from temperature fluctuations.
Praxas Pallet cover TLX2 100x120x150/160
€ 175,00 per doos à 5 stuks
Praxas PALLETCOVER TLX2 80x 120 x 150/160
€ 187,00 per doos à 5 stuks
Praxas Pallet cover TLX PMC 244 x 322 x 150/160 CM
€ 610,00 per doos à 5 stuks
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Cargo Covers are proven more effective than other similar products in the market.

Losses and sensitive products are often transported by air freight. It is important to protect the cargo in such a way that it arrives at its final destination without any form of damage or loss of quality. It is a fact that external factors such as temperature and humidity are of influence. Air cargo is often exposed to temperature fluctuations. From the hot or cold ambient temperature, when the cargo is being prepared on tarmac (asphalt) before being loaded into the cold hold of the cargo plane, humidity is almost always affected. Moisture is known to cause damage to many goods. Cargo covers prevent this by keeping the temperature in the cover stable, so that moisture has no chance.

Cargo covers are not only used for products that are sensitive to loss. Cargo covers are also increasingly being used to protect fragile products such as bags and clothing which are transported by air freight. The threshold for theft increases when the cargo is properly packed. Cargo covers also protect against discoloration caused by the sun.

Reduces the risk of loss

The effective protection of the Praxas TLX2 cargo covers reduces the risk of loss of your goods due to temperature fluctuations in the cold chain. The TLX2 cargo cover is recyclable, breathable and waterproof, allowing airflow and water vapor to alternate and remain in balance. This ensures that the humidity inside the cargo covers cannot reach harmful levels. In addition to this protective technology, the cargo cover consists of a white outer surface, which ensures that solar radiation is reflected. This is an important feature, as solar radiation is one of the main causes of temperature fluctuations during transport.

Proven to be effective

Multiple tests have shown that the temperature range within the cover is good. This means that the cargo covers provide a stable climate which reduces the risk of cargo damage. Less loss has a positive impact on business efficiency. No hassle from cargo damage, on multiple fronts. Satisfied customers. All by making an investment in transport protection. The cost of a cargo cover often amounts to a small fraction of the value of the pallet. By applying it, wastage of goods is reduced by many percent, preventing unnecessary costs.

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