Safe and Efficient Food Storage and Transport with Praxas Container Liners

Safe and Efficient Food Storage and Transport with Praxas Container Liners

In the food industry, safety is paramount, both for consumers and businesses. Ensuring the quality and integrity of food during the storage and transportation process is essential to ensure that food remains safe and healthy for consumption. Consequently, many companies and organizations have established strict regulations and guidelines to ensure food safety.

Food Grade containers

Food grade containers, also called food safe containers, are specially designed containers that are safe for storing and transporting food. These containers meet specific standards and guidelines to ensure that they do not release harmful substances into the food and are hygienic and easy to clean.


It is important to verify that a container is actually certified as food grade before using it for food storage or transport. In addition, it is essential to regularly inspect containers for any damage and keep them properly clean to ensure food safety.


Why are food grade containers being used?

The use of food grade containers is crucial to ensuring food safety. They prevent harmful substances from entering the food and minimize the risk of contamination during storage and transportation.


Many countries have specific regulations and guidelines for food storage and transportation. Using food grade containers is a requirement to comply with these regulations and avoid potential legal consequences.


Food grade containers protect food from physical damage, contamination and spoilage. They help maintain the quality, taste and nutritional value of the food throughout the supply chain.


By using food grade containers, as a food producer, processor or vendor, you exude confidence to your customers. It demonstrates that you comply with the highest standards of food safety and that their health and well-being are paramount.



With the growing global food industry, the demand for food grade containers has increased exponentially. These containers must meet strict food safety standards and are made of special materials that do not release harmful substances into the food. In addition, food grade containers must be inspected and cleaned after every shipment. Increasing demand and longer lead times due to cleaning costs have created a scarcity. This has resulted in longer lead times, higher costs and limited availability for companies that depend on these containers.


The solution: Praxas Container Liners

The Praxas Container Liner is an excellent substitute for food grade containers, with numerous advantages. One of the most important benefits is hygiene. The Praxas Container Liner is made of high-quality food-grade material that meets the strictest hygiene standards. This protects food from contamination and maintains quality.


In addition, the Praxas Container Liner offers significant cost savings. Compared to the high cost of purchasing or renting food grade containers, the Praxas Container Liner is a cost-effective solution.


A standard container is cheaper than a food grade container. Because the liner can be easily installed in the container, cleaning costs need not be considered.


Delivery time for new food grade containers can vary depending on several factors, including the specific specifications of the container, the quantity of containers ordered and the supplier's location. Generally, delivery time can range from several weeks to several months, depending on circumstances.


Praxas Container Liners are available from stock as standard. In addition to the standard liners, Praxas also has the Container Liner Plus. The Plus liners are equipped with desiccants and data loggers, monitoring the shipment throughout the trip and guaranteeing no moisture damage.


Why choose Praxas

Praxas is a trusted supplier of Container Liners with years of experience in the food industry. They understand customers' needs and requirements and offer high-quality solutions that meet the highest hygiene standards. Praxas is known for their reliability, expertise and customer focus.



Praxas offers excellent quality Container Liners that meet all food safety standards. You can be confident that your food is stored and transported safely and hygienically.



Praxas offers excellent customer service and support. Their team of experts is ready to advise and guide you in choosing and installing the right container liner for your specific needs.



Praxas understands the importance of reliable logistics solutions in the food industry. They deliver on time and ensure that your products are transported safely and efficiently.


Safe and Efficient Food Storage and Transport with Praxas Container Liners

The scarcity of food grade containers poses a challenge for companies in the food industry. Fortunately, the Praxas Container Liner offers a hygienic and cost-effective alternative. With high-quality materials, cost savings and reliable service, Praxas is the ideal supplier of container liners. Choose Praxas and ensure your food is stored and transported safely, hygienically and efficiently.


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