Optimization of Indoor Air Quality in a primary school

Optimization of Indoor Air Quality in a primary school

A primary school, located in a lively neighborhood, is committed to creating a healthy learning environment for its students and employees. Given the growing awareness about the influence of air quality on the health and learning performance of children, the school management decided to invest in advanced air quality monitoring. They chose the ELIOT-CO2, an innovative air quality meter, to continuously monitor their classrooms and common areas.


The school needed a system that allowed them to collect real-time data on carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity. The goal was to understand how these factors influence indoor air quality and  to quickly intervene if there were any deviations that could affect the health of students and employees.



The school implemented the EL-IOT-CO2 air quality meter from Praxas in several classrooms, the library and the gymnasium. This smart device not only provided accurate measurements of CO2, temperature  and humidity, but also an intuitive interface for configuration and alarm settings. In addition, the calibration functions ensured that measurements were always accurate and reliable.



Within minutes, the EL-IOT CO2 meters were installed and configured in the relevant rooms. The school management set custom alarm thresholds for each parameter so that they were immediately notified if there were any deviations. This meant that when CO2 levels became too high or other environmental
parameters fell outside acceptable limits, staff were immediately alerted via email and text message notifications.



Thanks to the EL-IOT CO2 meters, the school was able to respond quickly tochanges in indoor air quality. Using the automatic calibration features,measurements were consistently accurate. This not only led to a healthierlearning environment, but also improved the general well-being andconcentration of the students. In addition, employees benefited from a morecomfortable working environment, which increased their productivity andsatisfaction.



The EL-IOT-CO2 air quality meter from Praxas has helped this primary school tooptimize indoor air quality and provide a safe environment for their students andstaff. By investing in advanced air quality monitoring, the school isdemonstrating its commitment to the health and well-being of their community.With real-time insights and quick alerts, the school can act proactively, laying thefoundation for a healthy future for everyone at the school.
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