Desiccants from Praxas

Desiccants from Praxas

With the onset of meteorological autumn in the Netherlands, the weather becomes more erratic and humid. For many companies, this can be a nightmare, especially if they store or transport products that are sensitive to moisture. Fortunately, Praxas, a leading player in the desiccant market, offers the perfect solution to maintain product integrity. In this case study, we will look at a situation where desiccants proved essential and discover how Praxas can help a company out of the doldrums with their Absorgel Hanging and Absorgel pouch products.

The Challenge

An electronics distribution company, faces a major challenge with the arrival of autumn. They have just received a huge shipment of sensitive electronic components ready for distribution. However, forecasts for the coming weeks point to increased humidity and rain, which could spell disaster for these precious electronics.



The Solution: Praxas Desiccants:

The electronics company faces a dilemma. How can they protect their electronic products from moisture damage during transport and storage? The answer comes from Praxas, a trusted partner for desiccants.


Absorgel Hanging: To control humidity during transportation, the electronics company opts for Absorgel Hanging. This construction of innovative bags located on a hook so that it can be easily hung, absorb moisture effectively and prevent it from damaging electronic components.


Absorgel Pouch: Absorgel Pouches are used in warehouses. Strategically placed between stored electronics, these handy pouches absorb excess moisture, preventing condensation and potential damage.




Thanks to the implementation of Praxas drying agents, the electronics company does not experience any moisture damage to their electronic products, even in the humid autumn conditions. This resulted in:


Cost savings: The electronics company does not have to replace or repair electronic components due to moisture damage, saving them significant costs.


Customer satisfaction: Customers receive their orders in perfect condition, reinforcing this electronics company's reputation as a reliable supplier.


Operational Efficiency: The electronics company can concentrate on their core business, knowing that their products are safe from moisture damage.




In this autumnal challenge, Praxas is once again proving their worth as a supplier of high-quality desiccants. By choosing Praxas' Absorgel Hanging and Absorgel pouch products, this electronics company can protect their electronic products from the threat of moisture and condensation. This is just one of many success stories in which Praxas can help companies maintain product integrity even in the most challenging weather conditions.

If your business also stores or transports sensitive products, and you are concerned about autumn humidity, contact Praxas for the industry's best solutions.


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