Case Study - Improving medical deliveries with LogTag HAXO-8 temperature and humidity recorder

Case Study - Improving medical deliveries with LogTag HAXO-8 temperature and humidity recorder

This case study describes how an international humanitarian organisation that saves lives and provides medical assistance to people in crisis areas implemented the LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature and Humidity Recorder to ensure the quality and safety of medical deliveries. This mainly involves transportation of temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines to remote and often inhospitable areas.


This organisation faces the challenge of transporting medical supplies safely and in optimal condition to areas with limited infrastructure and climatic extremes. Maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels is vital to maintain the effectiveness of medicines and vaccines. The lack of reliable monitoring systems led to the risk of damage to medical supplies and reduced treatment effectiveness.



To address these challenges, the charity implemented the Praxas-recommended LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature and Humidity Recorder as part of their medical logistics operations. The benefits of this recorder proved crucial in their efforts:


  • Accurate monitoring: The LogTag HAXO-8 can simultaneously record temperature and humidity measurements with high accuracy, which is crucial for drug and vaccine safety.
  • Rugged housing: The recorder withstands the challenges of transport to remote areas, including shock, vibration and harsh conditions.
  • No Manual Measurements: The automated data logging process saves valuable time and minimises human error.
  • Customisable Alerts: The organisation can set customised alarm thresholds and be alerted immediately in case of deviations.
  • Data analysis: The free LogTag Analyzer software allows the team to analyse and report data, which is essential for quality assurance and reporting.



The implementation of the LogTag HAXO-8 helped the charity significantly improve their medical logistics processes:

  • Preservation of Medicines and Vaccines: Accurate monitoring allows them to safely transport and store drugs and vaccines without compromising their effectiveness.
  • Quality control: The data collected by the recorder provides evidence of the quality of medical deliveries, which is crucial for accountability and funding.
  • Rapid Intervention: Customised alarms enable the team to react immediately to potential problems, preventing damage to stocks.
  • More efficient data management: The data can be easily managed, analysed and reported using the LogTag Analyzer software.


In conclusion

For this international humanitarian organisation, the LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature and Humidity Recorder available from Praxas has played a crucial role in ensuring the quality and safety of medical deliveries in challenging environments. With this innovative technology, they can continue their mission to provide medical care to the most vulnerable communities worldwide, knowing that their medicines and vaccines remain in optimal condition even under the most difficult conditions.


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