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Real-time visibility in your logistics chain

Ever experienced a shipment being lost or delayed without knowing exactly where it went wrong? Does it help you to know where your goods are during air, sea, road or train transport? Or in what condition? Praxas real-time track and trace offers the solution. Insight into your logistics chain from A to Z; always aware of the location and condition of your shipment through a connection to our cloud-based software platform. Real-time data on location, temperature, humidity, light and shock provide the transparency necessary to prevent waste in the chain.

Track & trace offers the chain transparency you need

Distribution chains are becoming increasingly complex and customers expect more and more. That is why it is important to have insight into what is happening in your logistics chain from A to Z. Are you always aware of where your goods are located? And if something goes wrong, how will you be told? Probably from your customer, with the result that time and money has to be invested in restoring customer satisfaction, rearranging a shipment and keeping extra stock to deal with these kinds of problems. What would it use for you if this could be prevented from now on? With the Praxas track & trace solution you get the chain transparency you need. Because no one is waiting for unexpected surprises.

Improve customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary costs

Real-time insight into the logistics chain, where your goods are located and in what condition. Suitable for all modalities and at a level that we have never seen before. Enabling you to improve customer satisfaction, reduce transport and inventory costs and improve additional production costs.


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Lower cost

Simple, clear portal

Even more accurate than GPS

Worldwide coverage on 4G/5G network

Automatic geofence at departure and arrival location

Route geofence possible

In addition to location, also temperature, RH and light

Alarm when shipment is standing still for a long time

Sea transport: track location at sea

Approved by many airlines

AVG proof, complies with the GDPR guidelines

Long battery life

Alternative lithium battery available

The software

The cloud-based platform gives you access to your shipments anytime, anywhere, real-time and on any device.

In addition to reporting and logging, our Track & Trace system allows you to set custom parameters for accurate monitoring.

You can also easily create and plan your shipments. Simply choose a previous shipping profile or set up a new shipment with custom ID fields, alert profiles and more.

Praxas strives to help you understand what's really going on in your logistics chain. Combine data from multiple shipments to analyze damage or delay patterns and use those insights to identify root causes of problems and optimize your supply chain from start to finish.




For which companies is track & trace suitable?

Track & trace is suitable for any organization with a need for insight into the location and condition of goods during transport. Where we see the greatest demand are the companies that ship perishable or precious goods. Think of flowers or plants, and products from the food sector. But also pharmaceutical or chemical products, machines, electronics, cars and art.

Whenever there is a need for data on the location and condition in which goods are located, anywhere in the world, track & trace is always a good idea. And no, you don't have to be a large multinational for that. This track & trace system is also very suitable for smaller shipments.


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