Track & trace

Protect your shipment with track & trace

More and more organizations are becoming aware of the concept of traceability. Tracing and tracking a shipment is called track and trace. The supply of track & trace systems has increased considerably in recent years in both business and private markets. The demand for a track & trace system is based on multiple goals. Consider the strongly increased transport crime where cargo theft is unfortunately often occuring. But insight into the entire logistics chain can also be the base of the choice for purchasing a track & trace system.

Tracker Sense makes logistics chain more efficient

Organizations attach increasing importance to the traceability of their products. The negative consequences of loss and theft of goods require a solution that largely prevents this risk. Praxas has found this solution in the track & trace devices of TrackerSense. With TrackerSense we offer a GPS tracker of optimal quality and variety. This makes it possible to trace the position of your transport with TrackerSense, but as required it can also measure temperature, humidity, light and shock. It is up to you how transparent you would like to have your chain.

Combination GPS and LBS make traceability even more accurate

TrackerSense sends a signal through GPS. However, it may happen that no GPS signal is available at specific locations, such as at sea. Then the systems sends a signal via the LBS telephony network. This is a relatively newly developed but promising technique on track & trace area.

Cost reduction through chain insight

Efficiency improvement and cost reduction are concepts that are becoming increasingly important. TrackerSense offers you opportunities with track & trace to gain more insight into the logistics chainso that your strategy can be tailored to this. The result is a more efficient design of the logistics processes and thus lower costs and a higehr yield.



Track your shipment

Your Trace & trace specialist

Hello, my name is Bob van Velden. I am your Track & trace specialist. Would you like to know more about track & trace systems? I am ready to assist you.


Track the current location of your shipment in real-time with an accuracy of up to 6 metres.


Receive an alert if there has been a breach of a pre-defined temperature range on the shipment.



TrackerSense 1 Lite

  • Single-use tracker
  • Maximum batterylife 60 days
  • Web portal shows tracking history and current location
  • Easy to use solution at low all-inclusive price
  • Designed for low-budget transports
  • Designed for environments where only tracking is required



TrackerSense Longlife

  • Reusable tracker which signals by GPS and LBS network
  • Basic model that can only locate his position
  • Very easy to use
  • Price technically good
  • Appropriate for low-budget transports
  • Battery life 2 years or 5 years and multi-use



Track the pressure levels within your shipment and receive alerts if a pre-defined range is breached. 

Airplane mode

TrackerSense recognizes on the basis of various sensors when the aircraft mode needs to be activated.  



TrackerSense 1 Ultra

  • Single-use tracker
  • Maximum battery life 60 days
  • Based on position tracking, temperature, pressure, light exposure and shock
  • High resolution with an accuracy of up to 6 metres
  • Real-time tracking and sensing anywhere in the world


Light exposure

Identify if a package has been opened with a light exposure reading.


This sensor provides insight into the degree of humidity during transport or storage.



TrackerSense 365 Lite

  • Reusable tracker which signals by GPS and LBS network
  • Basic model that can only locate his position
  • Very easy to use
  • Price technically good
  • Appropriate for low-budget transports
  • Rechargeable and multi-use




Quickly establish if you package has been dropped or damaged using our shock sensor technology.

Long battery life

The battery has a shelflife (depending on usage) of approximately 42+ days. TrackerSense is available in single-use and multi-use.


TrackerSense 365 Ultra

  • Reusable tracker twhich signals by GPS and LBS network
  • Has several sensore sto measure position, temperature, air pressure, light, shock (G-sensor) and humidity
  • LIght sensor catches LUX radiation and gives a notification when light enters the package
  • When the temperature gets too high or low you'll receive a notification