Thermoboxes for the last-mile distribution of vaccines

With the LABOX Express thermoboxes from Cappi, we offer a solution specifically intended for the distribution of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines. They are suitable for short-distance transport to, for example, vaccination sites and are available in various sizes. Due to the insulation value of the thermoboxes, vaccines are kept at the required temperature for a maximum of 72 hours, which can vary between + 2 / + 8 and -20.

Safe distribution within the required temperature range

The thermoboxes are particularly suitable for the players in the final stage of the vaccine supply chain, such as pharmaceutical wholesalers and healthcare distributors. These links play an important role in the transport of vaccines to vaccination sites, hospitals and pharmacies. Each vaccine has its own protocol when it comes to temperature conditions. Using these thermoboxes, the vaccines are kept within temperature ranges for a minimum of 24 hours, allowing them to be safely administered to the patient.



  • Optimal shipping volume/payload ratio

  • Lower transport costs

  • Economically favorable and reliable (according to ISTA 7D)

  • Only configure once, regardless of the season

  • Sleep mode: preparation and storage at 5℃ and -20℃

Need advice?


The thermoboxes are available in the standard sizes that vary from 5 liters to 40 liters. These are validated for 24 or 72 hours with a temperature of + 2 ℃ / 8 ℃ to -20 ℃. All variants are listed in the overview below. The number of vaccines that fit in a thermobox (indication) is based on the Moderna vaccine, of which the vaccine bottle has the following dimensions: 126x51x60 mm.


Do you need more information? Would you like to ask a question? Or perhaps want to know more about prices or application? Then please contact us. Our Pharma Supply Chain Specialist is at your service. You can reach him on telephone number 076-5040268 or by e-mail at

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