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Quick Start Guide

  1. Your new logger comes ready to go. 
  2. Simply press and hold the round red-white button until the green LED lights up to start logging. 
  3. Now place your logger on the indicated locations (view your instructionvideo/manual).
  4. When you are ready to view the recorderd data on your logger, the first thing you need to do is download the EasyLog CC Software (the link is in the picture on the right). 
  5. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your download.
  6. To save your data, remove the logger from the plastic sleeve and connect it to a USB port. 
  7. Open the EasyLog CC software and click on Save Data. This will automaticaly open up your readings in the EsyLogGraph software, where you can view your data or export it in various formats. 

Attention: Do not click Prime. When you click Prime, your logger will reset and all of your data will be lost.

Once logging, pressing the round red-white button will ligth up an LED to give a quick indication of the status. It will also add a marker to the data to show that you have checked it.

No alarms will be triggered in the first 30 minutes to allow the logger to settle at the monitored temperature.

Green single flash
The data logger is currently logging. No alarm has been triggered.

No action required

Red single flash
The datalogger is currently logging. An alarm has been triggered.

Check alarm condition in PC software

Green double flash
The data logger's memory is full. No alarm was triggered

Plug your logger in to a PC, download your readings and start a new session

Red double flash
The data logger's memory is full. An alarm was triggered.

Plug your logger in to a PC, download your readings, check alarm conditions and start a new session
  No LED's flash
The data logger is stopped or the battery is flat.
Check the logger's status using the PC software



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