Efficient protection with ethylene filters

Ethylene is a natural gas in vegetables and fruit, flowers and plants. It accelerates the ripening process. This means that vegetables and fruit, which are stored in a cold store, are in a large amount of ethylene gas and therefore ripen faster.

If you have experienced the damage ethylene gas can do to your load during transport you will understand why the former requires protection. Our efficient, innovative ethylene filters protect your products from ethylene during transport and storage.

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Oxylene is a strong ethylene filter consisting of two elements. The round shape creates a number of tangent planes through which the air can pass. This is essential for optimizing the effect of the Oxylene. The grain is a hard product which cannot be crumbled, ensuring that no grit can penetrate or mix with your products. The grain is purple in colour to start with. When the ethylene is absorbed by the grain, the grain becomes brown. The remaining product is black mangenese, an enviromentally friendly product.



It is possible to protect your products or the products of your customers from a high concentration of ethylene gas. This can be done using this very narrow freight tube of only 10 cm wide. Within a few seconds you can attach it to the ceiling. This is made possible by the very strong fix-twists, which are included.
Oxylene is a powerful and environmentally friendly ethylene filter. The air flows easily through the round grain. This is necessary for the optimal functioning of Oxylene. The grain is a hard product which does not crumble. There is no aluminum grit that may come between your products. The grain had a purple color. As the ethylene has been processed, it's color changes to brown. The residue is brown stone.



Packing boxes normally come with ventilation holes, but this is often not enough to eliminate ethylene gas. The boxes are usually packed together tightly, so the ventilation holes are blocked and ethylene gas accumulates inside. This gas is detrimental to fruit and vegetables. The chances of discolouration and ripening are increased manifold. Thanks to its small dimensions and weight, the sachet can be easily placed inside the box, ensuring that produce is protected from the detrimental effects of ethylene not only during transport, but also during storage. Oxylene is a powerful and environmentally ethylene filter. The round shape of the grain creates a lot of common ground where air can flow along. This is necessary for the optimal functioning of Oxylene. The grain is a hard product which can not crumble. There can be no aluminum grit arise that may come up between the products. The pellet is purple in color. As the ethylene grain has been processed, it changes color to brown. The residue is brown stone.


Today, storing fruits and vegetables properly involves not just controlling temperature and humidity, but also the reduction of airborne pathogens and ethylene levels. Miatech had developed a technology that eliminates ethylene and bacteria as air passes through it. The Bio Turbo, which uses a four stage treatment process, is both affordable and effective. Each part of the process takes place within the Bio Turbo unit, so nothing leaves the Bio Turbo exceot clean air that is free of ethylene and airborne pathogens. This product can be used for storage of biological products.










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