Preventing waste with ethylene filters and air cleaners

Ethylene (C2H4) is a natural gas in fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants which speeds up the ripening process. This means that fruits and vegetables, which are stored in a cold room, are in a large amount of ethylene gas and therefore ripen faster. If you have experienced what ethylene gas can do to your cargo during transport, you will understand why you need to protect it from ethylene. Our efficient and innovative ethylene filters protect your products from ethylene during transport and storage.


Freight Tubes

It is possible to protect your products or the products of your customers from an excessive concentration of ethylene gas. This can be done using this very narrow tube of only 10 cm wide. It is very easy to attach to the ceiling within seconds. This is made possible by the very strong fix-twists, which are included with the cargo tube.

Oxylene Sachets

Boxes often have ventilation holes. Yet this is usually not enough to remove the ethylene gas from the box. During transport, the boxes are placed very close together. The ventilation holes are thus closed and the ethylene gas accumulates in the box. This is at the expense of quality. The chances of discoloration and ripening are greatly increased. Due to its small size and light weight, the sachet is very easy to add to a box. After adding the sachet, the products in the box are well protected against ethylene. Not only during transport but also during storage at your or your customers' premises.

BioTurbo Machinery

Today, for storing fruits and vegetables, controlling only temperature and humidity is not enough. Removing airborne pathogens and ethylene is also of great importance. Miatech has developed a technology that eliminates ethylene and bacteria as the air passes through it. The Bio Turbo, which treats air in four stages, is both affordable and effective. Every part of the process takes place within the Bio Turbo unit. All that leaves the unit is clean air.

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