Billions of dollars worth of goods are wasted annually due to damage during container shipping. Ten percent of this is due to moisture.


$500 billion worth of goods are wasted annually due to container damage. Ten percent of that is due to a moisture problem. If you have experienced what moisture can do to your cargo during transport, you understand why you need to protect it from moisture. The fact is that containers always contain moisture. The container floor is always damp, pallets left outside in the rain can contain moisture and even the goods themselves can contain moisture. Temperature fluctuations cause the necessary condensation during transport, which leads to cargo damage and thus rejected containers. Collapsed packages, mold, rust and odor are common problems caused by moisture in the container. It is therefore advisable to use desiccants that capture the excess moisture, which greatly reduces the chance of damage.



Desiccants in sea container

That goods transported by sea container are exposed to risks such as temperature and moisture is well known. That so many goods are lost as a result of this may not be. The use of desiccants, which have been specially developed for use in a container, reduces the risk of cargo damage. They prevent corrosion of metals, mold on food products, clumping of powdered products and, for example, damp cardboard boxes. The desiccants absorb the moisture in the container, so condensation does not have a chance. There are several desiccants available, a solution for every transport.

In-box desiccants

Desiccants for in the box are often used to prevent moisture damage when packing smaller products such as shoes and clothing, but also car parts, electronics and pharmaceutical goods. These products, when exposed to moisture, are affected by mold and rust, among other things. As a result, the cargo is rejected and can no longer be used. The desiccant bags are made of a mixture of calcium chloride and starch/. The absorbed moisture forms into a gel and prevents leakage.




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