Vaccines and medicines

Temperature monitoring with temperature recorders

Because patient safety is paramount it is critical that vaccines and medication are stored correct and at the right temperature. RIVM prescribes that medicines and vaccines have to be stored in the dark between +2 and +8 degrees Celsius. Throughout the entire process from production to administration the cold chain must be kept intact.

Temperature recorders that measure and register the temperature trend are used to monitor this. On this page you will find an overview of temperature recorders that are suitable for monitoring vaccines and medication. They are for example, WHO certified and they have a calibration certificate. 

If you already know which temperature recorder you would like to use, you can easily order it directly through our webshop. If you would like some advice before ordering, you can leave your details, so we can contact you. Our specialists love to tell you more about it.

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Online monitoring

LogTag Online (LTO) is a Cloud-based online environmental management system providing alarm notifications, compliance, record storage and reporting functions.

LTO allows its users to download data from LogTag dataloggers, view the data in the cloud, and allows the sharing and securing of the data using a permissions system.

LogTag Online is currently best-suited for fixed-site monitoring applications

WHO PQS qualified temperature loggers

These temperature loggers are qualified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and suitable to use in the farmaceutical sector. 

LogTag Trix-8


The LogTag ® TRIX-8 is a versatile, wide range, multi-trip Temperature Recorder, featuring high resolution temperature readings over a measurement range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F). 

  • Multi-Use Temperature logger
  • Up to 8,000 recordings - enough for the longest trip
  • Fixed Battery provides 1 year storage, followed by 2 – 3 years of normal use
  • OK indicator signals that the readings remain within the set limits
  • Industry best download time - less than 5 seconds for full memory
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The LogTag ® iS0°Tag ® is a tamper-proof, irreversible electronic indicator which shows if the temperature has been at or below freezing point (0°C or 32°F) for 60 minutes.

  •  'Tick/Cross' display shows temperature exposure below freezing point
  • Monitors temperature and records daily statistics for up to 3 years
  •  Logged, time stamped recordings before & after alarm event



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The LogTag ® vaxtag is intended for use as the principle means for monitoring storage conditions in vaccine refrigerators in intermediate stores and health facilities.

  • Pre-configured parameters to match WHO requirements
  • 30 day statistics summary reviewable on device display
  • Stores up to the last 7770 time stamped temperature data for later download



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TIC20- WHO type 1


LogTac Tic20 was designed for monitoring farmaceutical transportconditions up to 20 days duration. The data of the past 20 days can be read from the screen. This recorder is already pre-programmed to monitor a number of standard vaccines:

  • DTP
  • DT
  • TT
  • Td
  • HepB
  • IPV
  • Liquid Hib and combination vaccines
  • MenAfriVac
  • HPV
  • Pneumo (other than Prevenar)
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TIC20- WHO type 2


LogTac Tic20 was designed for monitoring farmaceutical transportconditions up to 20 days duration. The data of the past 20 days can be read from the screen. This recorder is already pre-programmed to monitor a number of standard vaccines:

  • BCG
  • lyophilized Hib
  • Measles
  • MR
  • MMR
  • Meningitis (polysaccharide)
  • OPV
  • Rabies
  • Rotavirus (other than rotateq)
  • Yellow fever vaccines
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CDC/VFC dataloggers

These temperature loggers are qualified CDC/VPC ((Centers for Disease control and Prevention/ Vaccins for Children)) and suitable to use in the farmaceutical sector. These loggers are compatible with LogTag Online. For more information about LogTag Online, click here

LogTag TRED30-16R


The LogTag TRED30-16R temperature recorder measures temperature readings over a -40°C to +99°C (-40°F to +210°F) measurement range from an External Probe. 

  • New, easy to read LCD display with 30 day summary
  • Interchangeable External Probe with high quality gold plated connector
  • Up to 15.900 readings
  • Enough memory for 66 days at 6 minute logging
  • Built- in audible alarm


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LogTag UTRED30-WiFi


UTRED30-WiFi is a real-time logger that can automatically upload date via WiFi to the LogTag Online cloud. This logger can measure more than 30 days. Download data via LogTag Analyzer or as a PDF (no software required) when WiFi is unavailable.

  • Large, easy to read lcd display
  • Can reset at any time from min / max temperature measurement
  • Audible alarm and flashing red LED signals a temperature alarm
  • Real-time data automatically uploaded via WiFi to the LogTag Online cloud
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LogTag UTRED30-16


LogTag UTRED30-16R temperature recorder is a recorder suitable for CDC/VFC (Children vaccines). With this logger you can easily measure the temperature of the vaccines.

  • New large easy-to-read display
  • Reset Min/Max temperature reading at any time
  • Audible alarm & red LED signals a temperature alarm
  • View alarm status for up to 30 days at a glance



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LogTag VFC Kit


This kit is a composite of the TRED 30-16R, ST100K-15 external probe and Glycol Buffer. This gives you a total package suitable for CDC / VFC applications and can be used well in combination with LogTag Online.

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