Covid19 vaccine distribution

How do we protect the Covid19 vaccine during transport and storage?

Because patient safety is paramount, it is crucial that the Covid19 vaccine is transported and stored at the correct temperature according to chain-wide protocols. For the entire process from production to administration to the patient, the cold chain is kept intact. It is expected that 800,000 tons of vaccines will be distributed worldwide from the production sites. Depending on the manufacturer, these vaccines must be stored at a specific temperature. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to organize the logistics chain worldwide in such a way that the vaccine can be administered to the patient while maintaining quality. Praxas can help with this.

What risks can interrupt the cold chain?

Unstable ambient temperatures can cause the vaccines, even when shipped at the correct temperature, to fall outside the temperature ranges. The vaccine chain does not have a stable ambient temperature. From manufacturer to airport, from airport in plane, from plane to provider, from provider via road transport to administration location. And because this concerns worldwide distribution, we also have to take into account different climate zones. And does every airport have the required deep-freeze warehouses?

The importance of temperature monitoring

Unfortunately, we cannot ensure that vaccines are kept within the temperature margins. We can monitor these temperature margins and provide insight into the temperature development in the chain. This insight is crucial, because when vaccines are exposed to temperature fluctuations, there is a risk of loss of quality and a shorter shelf life. Which ultimately affects the safety of the patient. Different solutions protect the vaccines Praxas offers a selection of solutions to provide optimal protection for the Covid19 vaccines during storage and transport. This selection consists of:

1. Cargo covers
2. Track & trace
3. Temperature monitoring during transport
4. Temperature monitoring at a fixed location





Solutions to protect vaccines during transport and storage

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Measure the temperature in the units in which the vaccines are stored or transported. Very high demands are placed on the type of temperature recorder, especially when it comes to temperature monitoring of vaccines. For example, they must comply with WHO guidelines, the measuring points must be able to be set in advance, an alarm must be triggered in the event of temperature exceedances and the data must be downloadable using specific software. >>

Online monitoring



A cloud-based online management system that is very suitable for monitoring vaccines at fixed locations, such as the vaccine fridges in hospitals and pharmacies. The temperature is monitored by the data loggers, after which the data can be viewed centrally in the cloud. >>




Track & trace

From A to Z insight into the logistics vaccine chain, with mobile trackers that are connected to a cloud-based software platform. Real-time data on location, temperature, humidity and light provides the transparency necessary to prevent waste and loss of quality in the vaccine chain. >>


Cargo Covers

The cargo cover is usually used as protection of goods during air transport, but is also suitable for use in vaccine logistics. They offer protection against temperature fluctuations, humidity, theft and loss. >>

Which solutions are suitable for which Covid19 vaccine?

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