Container Liners

Protect your shipment in dry container with Container Liners

Transporting your products by dry container does not happen without risks. Transport risks that can cause waste of cargo are temperature and mould. The heat of solar radiation passes through the container walls and causes circulation of hot air in the container. When the temperature drops at night, condensation occurs, causing container rain on walls and goods. Your products, the pallets and the container floor become moist, causing mould, resulting in unusable goods and therefore waste.

Container Liners prevent waste 

With Container Liners you can completely insulate the dry container, protecting your goods against temperature fluctuations, moisture, heat radiation and hot air circulation in the container. The Container Liner is fully closable with Velcro. As a result, unpleasant odors and dirt do not stand a chance. 

Applying Container Liners means you prevent waste and save on transport and replacement costs. You also prevent unsatisfied customers and it saves you on container cleaning. Moreover, you no longer need a reefer container, which considerably saves in transport costs (40 to 60%!)

Container Liners are suitable for different goods

Continer Liner are widely used in the food industry, mainly for products such as wine, beer and soft drinks. But its application is certainly suitable for chemicals, industrial products and organic products. Would you like to know more about this solution? Our Container Liner specialist Bart Verduin will gladly tell you more about it. Please contact him on phone number +31 (0)76 50 40 268 or e-mail


  • Maximum isolation grade
  • Suitable for dry container
  • Protects your goods against moisture, odor and dirt
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Fast assembly system with bars and magnets
  • Available in 20ft, 40ft en HC

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