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Loss in the logistics chain. As much as $500 billion worth of goods are lost each year due to damages incurred during ocean transportation. In the current trend of sustainability and preferably as little waste as possible, this no longer fits. And isn't this figure in reality much higher? For example, has the value of consequential damage, time investment, impact on transport insurance, your reputation and customer satisfaction been taken into account? We will all realize that waste in the logistics chain does not contribute to the most optimal and efficient operations. What would it mean to you if damages did not occur anymore during your ocean transport? 


Container Liners

Shipping your goods by dry container is not done without risks. Transportation risks that can cause cargo loss are temperature and mold. The heat from the sun's rays comes through the container wall and causes circulation of hot air inside the container. Then, when the temperature drops overnight, condensation occurs, causing "container rain" to fall over the goods. Your products, the pallets and the container floor become damp, causing mold and rust, resulting in unusable goods and therefore waste.

The Container Liners allow you to fully insulate the dry container, protecting your goods from temperature changes, moisture, heat radiation and hot air circulation inside the container. The Container Liner is fully lockable as it can be closed with Velcro. This ensures that unpleasant odors and dirt have no chance to develop.

Using the Container Liner prevents waste and saves you money on transport costs, loss of stock and replacement costs. It also prevents unhappy customers and saves on container cleaning. In addition, in many cases the Container Liner eliminates the need for a reefer container, which saves considerably on transport costs (40 to 60%!).


Praxas Container Pack

The temperature at which water vapor in the air condenses, or turns into liquid, is called the dew point. There is no fixed value for the dew point, as it depends on the amount of water vapor in the air and the degree of temperature fluctuation. Once the dew point is reached, condensation will occur, causing damage to the goods inside the container. 

Every container contains moisture, even not visible. Without protection, there will be a high probability of temperature fluctuations, which will cause the dew point to be reached quickly. The result is damage in the form of damp packages, clumping (caking), loose labels and damaged goods. The Praxas Container Pack prevents the dew point from being reached so that your goods arrive at their destination without damage from humidity. 

The Praxas Container Pack consists of a combination of container insulation, drying agents and data recorders. These are protection products which Praxas has been working with for years and which have already proven their effectiveness. By applying them together in the sea container, temperature fluctuations and moisture no longer have a chance, so that damage to goods can be virtually ruled out.

Guaranteed no moisture damage with Praxas Container Pack

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