We protect your shipment

Prevent waste of goods in the logistic chain

Praxas offers a number of high-quality products to prevent waste of goods in the logistic chain. Products that provide insight into several conditions of the chain so our customer is able to find improvements that can be applied. For example, wireless monitoring or data recorders that can meausre the temperature fluctuations and air humidity during transport. Praxas also offers products that can directly prevent waste through damage, such as container isolation, dessiccants and cargo covers.   

Specialism and quality

Praxas specializes in a number of products that prevent waste f goods. Optimizing the logistics chain with the products that Praxas offer its customers, contributes to reducing the level of waste. Our main goal is therefore to achieve 0% waste worldwide in the future. This with the current range of products, but Praxas is certainly also open to expand its range of products with new solutions of high quality that fit within the mission and vision of the company.  

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