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0% waste is our goal. Make it our goal and let us help you to prevent waste of your goods.

Remco has a lot of experience in the logistics sector. He has worked for companies such as DPD and DHL. At Praxas, Remco is responsible for the existing customer portfolio within the sectors Transport & Logistics and Fresh Produce. In addition, he is actively seeking partners to work with in order to achieve the goal of 0% waste in the logistics chain.

Freight costs for transporting goods in containers through seaports have increased dramatically in recent times. Converted, it costs more than 12000 euros to transport a container from China to Europe. This requires an efficient approach to logistics flows. Organizing transport properly in one go is now more important than ever to prevent costs from rising even higher.

The customer need for the application of cargo covers in general is clear: to protect loss-sensitive and sensitive products that are transported by air freight in such a way that they arrive at the final destination without any form of damage and loss of quality. It is a fact that external factors such as temperature and moisture have an influence. Air freight is often exposed to temperature fluctuations. The warm or cold ambient temperature, when the load is set up on tarmac (asphalt) before it is loaded into the cold hold of the cargo aircraft, almost always has consequences for the humidity. We know that moisture causes damage to many goods. Cargo covers prevent this by keeping the temperature in the cover stable, so that moisture does not have a chance to form. It is crucial that the cargo cover has breathable properties.

Data logger, data recorder, temperature logger, temperature recorder, all different names for the same application. But what exactly is it? A data logger is a measuring instrument with which data is logged. A data recorder measures data such as temperature and humidity. These data are stored so that they can be viewed and read at a later time. This takes place during the transport and/or storage of temperature-sensitive products and products that are sensitive to moisture.

Flowers and plants, fruits, vegetables, meat, coffee and more food products… not really easy goods to guide through the logistics chain. These are products that must be transported under strict conditions if consumers want to enjoy them in the end. This has everything to do with the extent to which the chain is optimized and safe, preventing damage during transport. There are several ways to achieve this. Insight into the chain through real-time monitoring of location, temperature and humidity is one such way.

You would think there was enough time to assess and anticipate the impact of Brexit on international trade. Nothing turns out to be further from the truth. Dutch companies have the most significant difficulty importing products, and we are not just talking about products coming from the United Kingdom. As a result of the Brexit troubles, Dutch customs cannot cope with document processing, which means that there is a huge backlog at the moment. As a result, a large part of the imported goods remains at the customs locations. Not a few days, but a few weeks. The economic impact is great.

Various cold chain solutions are available that offer protection during both storage and transport. Temperature loggers, track & trace, Thermo boxes and online temperature monitoring are some of these solutions where resources are available that are also explicitly intended for the storage and distribution of vaccines. It is essential only to use high-quality solutions that provide the protection required to ensure patient safety. These solutions are usually offered by renowned brands that often also have the correct certifications.

Have you ever had a shipment lost or delayed? Without knowing exactly where it went wrong, and why? Do you sometimes need to know exactly where your goods are and in what condition they are? Praxas has launched a new track & trace system that can offer this complete chain transparency. Insight into the chain from A to Z, with mobile trackers that are connected to a cloud-based software platform.

The development of the Covid-19 vaccine is just the first step in the fight against the pandemic. Next is distribution. A wide variety of vaccines will be distributed around the world in the coming months. This presents a major challenge for the logistics world. Solving this puzzle is the subject of the online Air Freight Conference on December 17th and 18th.

Where most employees are used to receiving a Christmas gift personally, this will be different this year. The corona measures ensure that many people work from home whenever possible. Employers who want to give their employees a Christmas gift will probably have to send it. But how do they ensure that the package arrives at the recipient without damage, while retaining quality?

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