Track & Trace

Many flower exporters have already experienced that data insight contributes to an efficient flower logistics chain. The Praxas track & trace solution has been used in the flower sector. This solution provides real-time insight into the location, temperature, humidity, shock and light during the transport of flowers.   

Flowers and plants, fruits, vegetables, meat, coffee and more food products… not really easy goods to guide through the logistics chain. These are products that must be transported under strict conditions if consumers want to enjoy them in the end. This has everything to do with the extent to which the chain is optimized and safe, preventing damage during transport. There are several ways to achieve this. Insight into the chain through real-time monitoring of location, temperature and humidity is one such way.

Various cold chain solutions are available that offer protection during both storage and transport. Temperature loggers, track & trace, Thermo boxes and online temperature monitoring are some of these solutions where resources are available that are also explicitly intended for the storage and distribution of vaccines. It is essential only to use high-quality solutions that provide the protection required to ensure patient safety. These solutions are usually offered by renowned brands that often also have the correct certifications.

Have you ever had a shipment lost or delayed? Without knowing exactly where it went wrong, and why? Do you sometimes need to know exactly where your goods are and in what condition they are? Praxas has launched a new track & trace system that can offer this complete chain transparency. Insight into the chain from A to Z, with mobile trackers that are connected to a cloud-based software platform.

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