Temperature loggers

In healthcare institutions, the temperature of medication in refrigerators is often recorded manually. In practice, this means that an employee of the institution goes through all the refrigerators every day to check and register the temperature of the medication. This data is then manually entered into the system. For healthcare institutions with multiple locations, this is a cumbersome, time-consuming and therefore expensive process. 

Data logger, data recorder, temperature logger, temperature recorder, all different names for the same application. But what exactly is it? A data logger is a measuring instrument with which data is logged. A data recorder measures data such as temperature and humidity. These data are stored so that they can be viewed and read at a later time. This takes place during the transport and/or storage of temperature-sensitive products and products that are sensitive to moisture.

Every day we are confronted with reports about the development of the corona vaccine. Who will develop the most influential vaccine, when is it available and for whom? Where will production take place, and what about worldwide distribution? But vaccine development is not the only challenge. Logistical issues arise; after all, the supply chains for vaccines are very complex. Many aspects must be taken into account, and the question is whether the (logistics) world is ready for this.

It is an accomplished fact that safeguarding the prescribed temperature margins in the cold chain of vaccines and medicines is paramount. After all, patient safety is central. Deviations in temperature margins can lead to a shortened shelf life or reduced effect of the vaccine or drug. Therefore, these temperature margins must be continuously monitored. Temperature recorders, also known as data loggers, are usually used for this. However, registration often involves many administrative actions. LogTag Online has been developed to make this process easier and more user-friendly.

Praxas, provider of protection and control equipment, proudly launches the new Praxas USB Recorder (by Logtag). The data recorder to monitor temperatu...

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