Guaranteed no moisture damage with Praxas Container Pack

Guaranteed no moisture damage with Praxas Container Pack Article Rating

$500 billion worth of goods are lost annually due to damages incurred during ocean and rail transportation. A large part of that is caused by moisture inside the container. Not surprising, since moisture is everywhere. In the air, in the container floor, in the products and the packaging material. Temperature fluctuations also play a crucial role here. After all, how many containers cross different climate zones?

The consequences of moisture damage in the logistics chain

Companies often know that there are damages in the logistics chain, but they are not always aware of the impact. What does it actually mean financially, how much extra time does it take to handle damage and what does it do to customer value and sustainability? Transport insurance is still too often seen as the solution to this problem. But isn't this too late? Isn't it much more efficient, cheaper, more sustainable and customer-friendly to prevent moisture damage to goods in the container? To prevent it from occurring in the first place? We advise our customers to think carefully about what the result would be on several levels if they did take a conscious approach to preventing moisture damage.

How do you prevent moisture damage to goods during container shipping?

The answer is simple. By preventing moisture from getting to the goods. Moisture in the container occurs as a result of the heating and cooling of the shipping container. This causes condensation, which can lead to damp goods, mold, corrosion, collapsed boxes and clumping. With the Praxas Container Pack, the temperature fluctuations in the container are slowed down, preventing condensation from forming. The Praxas Container Pack consists of a combination of container insulation, drying agents and data recorders. The solution has been extensively tested and proven effective. Many customers, through the standard application of this solution, have made their supply chains more efficient, sustainable and valuable. We asked them why.

More efficient - less loss also means eliminating unnecessary costs and administrative actions due to damage.

More sustainable - less loss also means contributing to sustainability because remanufacturing and shipping damaged goods has a negative impact on the environment.

More valuable - less loss means that the end customer also gets it right the first time. They are expected to be satisfied with the delivery and have confidence in the supplier.

Due to the positive results our customers have experienced with the Praxas Container Pack, we can guarantee that there will be no moisture damage to goods during container transport when using this solution. So much guarantee, that we now temporarily apply the principle of 'no good, money back*'. We understand that investing in a Praxas Container Pack is not done 'just like that' as long as it works 'well'. However, we do want you to experience the positive consequences of choosing to protect your property and prevent moisture damage. Please contact us for more information. We will be happy to tell you what the Praxas Container Pack can do for your business and prevent moisture damage in the future.

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