Sustainable desiccants for climate-friendly transports without waste

Sustainable desiccants for climate-friendly transports without waste Article Rating

Sustainability is being dealt with more and more consciously in logistics supply chains. This also applies to transports that are equipped with desiccants. By applying desiccants during transport, cargo damage and therefore waste is reduced. Waste of goods, but think also of the waste as a result of moisture damage.

Besides the goal to prevent waste of goods in the logistics chain, we help our customers one step further by offering sustainable desiccants. By doing so, we also try to reduce the environmental impact of global supply chains.

What are sustainable desiccants?

Sustainable desiccants are made from desiccants derived from natural resources. They have zero carbon emissions.

The desiccants have a high absorption capacity. This allows the use of a lower amount than alternatives while providing the same protection.

In the manufacture of the desiccant, optimum use is made of plastic or other packaging material, with the aim of using as little plastic as possible in production. In addition, the desiccant is made from recycled plastic or partially recycled plastic, with as much as possible being reusable.

The desiccant is CO2 neutral. Made by a company with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certification. Last but not least, this company respects human and labor rights and provides a good working environment for its employees.

The most used sustainable drying agents

Absorpole is the first carbon-neutral container desiccant on the market. It is made of calcium chloride with a low carbon footprint, non-woven and recycled   plastic. Absorpole can be used for any type of cargo and is designed to take up minimal space with full functionality.



The two variants of AbsorGel Hanging, C and X, are versatile products because they can be installed either vertically (fitting into the container wall) or horizontally (close to the container roof). AbsorGel Hanging is a suitable product if you have changing loading configurations, sometimes loading high and sometimes loading wide. 

In addition to Absorpole and Absorgel Hanging, other desiccants are available.


Interested in sustainable desiccants?

Would you also like to protect your transports as sustainably as possible with durable desiccants? Then contact us and we will be happy to tell you how we can achieve this for you.




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