Meet Business Development Manager Remco Ton

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Last December, a new Business Development Manager started at Praxas. Time to introduce him to you. His name is Remco Ton, he is 41 years old and lives in beautiful Breda. He is married and has two sons aged 3 and 5. He is also a sportsman, because apart from the fact that he graduated from HBO Sport, Economics and Communication, he likes to cycle and play padel in his spare time.

Transport & Logistics and Fresh Produce

Remco has a lot of experience in the logistics sector. He has worked for companies such as DPD and DHL. At Praxas, Remco is responsible for the existing customer portfolio within the sectors Transport & Logistics and Fresh Produce. In addition, he is actively seeking partners to work with in order to achieve the goal of 0% waste in the logistics chain. He also likes to roll up his sleeves to help his colleagues within Praxas where necessary.

Putting the customer first

Remco gets energy from helping customers and starting new partnerships. He puts the customer first by staying in contact. To find out where the challenges lie and how we can offer the necessary support. After all, you prevent waste together.

Reduce waste and create return

Remco carries out the mission and vision on a daily basis by continuously acting on the idea of reducing waste and creating returns.

"These two concepts go hand in hand. I am in daily contact with our customers, prospects and suppliers about this. If you reduce waste, you create return," says Remco.

Say what you do, do what you say

Important for Remco in his contact with customers is very clear: say what you do, do what you say.

Remco: "Customer loyalty depends on what you deliver from an organization. If you promise to deliver a product tomorrow, do so. Chances are the customer will contact you again next time."

To do this work, according to Remco, it is important to stay close to yourself, i.e. be authentic, and always give 100%.


Remco would like to develop himself even more in the field of sustainability. This is something that concerns everyone and where we all have to contribute. From separating waste, eating less meat to preventing waste in the supply chain. Remco: "In this area we will never learn, so that is why it is important to continue to look each other up, talk about it and help each other."

Would you like to get to know Remco? For example, to spar together about the possibilities of optimizing the supply chain? Then contact him directly via telephone number 076-5040268 or Or follow him on Linkedin.




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