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Convenience and time savings for temperature monitoring with LogTag Online Article Rating

Convenience and time savings for temperature monitoring with LogTag Online

It is an accomplished fact that safeguarding the prescribed temperature margins in the cold chain of vaccines and medicines is paramount. After all, patient safety is central. Deviations in temperature margins can lead to a shortened shelf life or reduced effect of the vaccine or drug. Therefore, these temperature margins must be continuously monitored. Temperature recorders, also known as data loggers, are usually used for this. However, registration often involves many administrative actions. LogTag Online has been developed to make this process easier and more user-friendly.

Data in the cloud provides convenience and time savings

LogTagOnline (LTO) is a system in a secure cloud environment in which data can be kept. Alarm notifications, temperature information and various reporting functions are available in LTO. Allows users to download data from their LogTag data loggers, and to view the data in the accounts and then share them with those involved.

Pharmaceutical and medical sectors

LogTag Online makes it possible to validate and report alarms with just a few actions. Wherever the user is, there is always insight into the temperatures. As soon as there is an alarm, timely action can be taken to prevent loss of vaccines. The solution is currently best suited for monitoring at fixed locations and is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. In America, we see that it is widely used for VFC (child vaccinations) loggers with WiFi.

What are the advantages over self-registration?

It is clear that implementing a system like LogTag Online offers many advantages. The time savings that are achieved with it, in particular, are an essential advantage for hospitals, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations in the medical sectors. But also centralizing the real-time data in one transparent system, which is visible to everyone involved from any location, is one of the important advantages.

  • You will immediately receive a notification in your e-mail or via text message if the temperature is exceeded.
  • Data is uploaded in the cloud, depending on the measuring frequency.
  • Suitable for users ranging from small clinics to the largest hospitals.
  • Automates the monitoring of the temperature of vaccines and adheres to the VFC and CDC guidelines.
  • Easy and quick setup of your account, after you have direct access to your online data.
  • Access your data with any device with internet connection and internet browser.

Would you like advice?

In short, if you are looking for a way to simplify and centralize the temperature monitoring of your vaccines or medicines, LogTag Online can certainly be of added value. Would you like to know how LogTag Online can be applied and implemented within your organization? Please contact us for the appropriate advice.

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