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Praxas introduces the new, better solution for air cargo protection Article Rating

Praxas introduces the new, better solution for air cargo protection

Praxas has one clear goal, which is to protect sensitive cargo in the logistics chain. And this with the best possible solutions available in the market. By continuously following the market developments, we stay informed. Due to continuous product development, sometimes better products appear on the market. This also applies within the solution area for air cargo protection. Cargo covers have been part of the range at Praxas for a long time. With the introduction of the Praxas TLX2 cargo covers, we are still confident to offer a solution that has the best features to protect cargo during air transport.

What are cargo covers used for?

The customer need for the use of cargo covers, in general, is clear: protecting sensitive products that are transported by air freight in such a way that they arrive at the destination without any damage or loss of quality. It is a fact that external factors, such as temperature and moisture, could have influence. Airfreight is often exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The unavoidable temperature deviations during loading and unloading. Could have consequences for the humidity level in certain situations it could transform into moisture. We are aware of moisture that it could cause damage to many goods and packaging. Cargo covers prevent this by stabilizing the temperature and humidity level within the cover due to unique breathable properties.

Why the Praxas TLX2 cargo cover?

Although cargo covers are not unknown in the Praxas range, the most important point is that products of the best quality are offered. Tests with the TLX2 cargo covers have shown that the temperature margin inside the cover has improved. This means that the Praxas TLX2 cargo covers provide a more stable climate, which reduces the risk of cargo damage even further.

Figure 1: Test results cargo cover type X at an ambient temperature of 44.7 degrees Celsius

Figure 2: Praxas TLX2 cargo cover test results at ambient temperature of 47.6 degrees Celsius

Which properties does the Praxas TLX2 cargo cover have? 

In addition to the critical feature of holding back strong temperature fluctuations, the cover is recyclable, breathable and waterproof. The cover has a white exterior, which reflects sunlight and keeps heat out. Also, insects and other vermin have no chance to penetrate, and it reduces the risk of theft or loss. Moreover, applying it is very simple.

Less waste of goods by applying cargo covers

Less waste of products in the logistics chain has a positive impact on business efficiency—no hassle from cargo damage, on multiple fronts. Satisfied customers. And that by making a small investment in protection in the form of cargo covers.

Would you like to know more about the Praxas TLX2 cargo covers? For example, about the different sizes? Please feel free to contact cargo cover specialist Bart Verduin. He can be reached on telephone number + 31 (0) 76 50 40 268 or by email at