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What is a data logger, and how does it help prevent waste of goods? Article Rating

What is a data logger, and how does it help prevent waste of goods?

Data logger, data recorder, temperature logger, temperature recorder, all different names for the same application. But what exactly is it?

What does a data logger do?

What is a data logger? A data logger is a measuring instrument with which data is logged. A data recorder measures data such as temperature and humidity. These data are stored so that they can be viewed and read at a later time. This takes place during the transport and/or storage of temperature-sensitive products and products that are sensitive to moisture. For example, in the event of damage due to moisture or temperature fluctuations, it can be determined where this occurred in the chain. Products that often use a data logger are perishable goods such as food products and flowers, and pharmaceutical products.

Why a data recorder?

Some products are sensitive to temperature and/or moisture. Temperature is determined by the weather, climatic zones, day or night and the degree to which protection is applied to prevent large temperature fluctuations. It is essential not to allow the climate conditions to fluctuate too much during transport and storage. If this does happen, the product may lose its effectiveness or quality and even be no longer usable.

A current example of products requiring data loggers is the vaccines for Covid-19. There are not yet enough vaccines available to vaccinate the whole of the Netherlands, so there is a shortage. In addition, the vaccine must be stored under strict temperature conditions; otherwise, it will lose its effect or be completely unusable. For example, the Pfizer vaccine can be kept for six months from -90 ° C to -60 ° C. However, vaccination sites can't keep it at this temperature. With a temperature between 2 ° C and 8 ° C (refrigerator temperature), the shelf life is up to 5 days, and when stored at room temperature, the vaccine can be used for only two more hours. This is therefore very important, and it is, therefore, crucial to include a temperature recorder so that it is clear under which temperature conditions the vaccines are stored and transported. After all, the safety of the patient is what counts.

Which data recorder do I need?

There are many different data loggers, advanced and straightforward, with prices in a low and high segment, whether certified or not. The choice of a data recorder depends on several factors.

Does the product have a high value? Is the product temperature sensitive? Does temperature only matter? Or also humidity? With an overseas shipment, the relative humidity in the container can fluctuate enormously. Excessive moisture can cause mould, for example, which is harmful to the products and the health of the employees who unload the container. Powdered products can clump when moisture is added and are no longer usable. In addition to applying the protective means to prevent moisture, such as container insulation or desiccants, it is essential to add one or more data recorders that measure both temperature and humidity. Even if it is only to gain insight into where the cause lies in the chain, this can be anticipated to prevent future problems.

In short, a data logger can be used for every product, for every transport.

Do you have to deal with the transport of goods, and do you ever have to deal with waste of goods due to risks such as moisture or temperature? Then contact us. We are happy to tell you about the possibilities of temperature recorders, specifically applicable to your situation.




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