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Chain optimization of perishable goods through real-time insight into location and condition Article Rating

Chain optimization of perishable goods through real-time insight into location and condition

Flowers and plants, fruits, vegetables, meat, coffee and more food products… not really easy goods to guide through the logistics chain. These are products that must be transported under strict conditions if consumers want to enjoy them in the end. This has everything to do with the extent to which the chain is optimized and safe, preventing damage during transport. There are several ways to achieve this. Insight into the chain through real-time monitoring of location, temperature and humidity is one such way.

Factors that can cause waste

Various factors can lead to perishable goods being exposed to risks that can cause damage during transport. Temperature and humidity fluctuations due to adverse environmental conditions, unexpected delays or other issues can result in a damaged product and disappointed customers.

Warning when temperature or humidity is exceeded

For many companies involved in the transport of perishable goods, insight into the transport is essential to estimate the circumstances under which their product will arrive at its final destination. With real-time monitoring of location and condition, companies can be warned when a temperature or humidity range is exceeded instead of just knowing when the product will arrive. This makes it possible to determine precisely when extreme fluctuations occur too, where possible, correct the problem before the product is damaged. The chain can be optimized based on the available data, thus preventing the problem in the future.

Time savings through insight into the chain

A flower exporter who flies flowers worldwide has been using real-time monitoring for some time now. It provides the chain transparency they need. All flower shipments can be followed via central cloud environment so that it is immediately apparent where delays have occurred and which shipments have arrived. In addition, the conditions in which the flowers are located are also measured. Temperature, humidity, light… all kinds of factors that can influence the quality of the flowers.

A lot of time is saved because measurement data can be viewed directly from a distance. Receiving parties do not have to read data or return devices. Long-term discussions are avoided, partly because parties have insight into where excursions and delays have occurred in the supply chain. In addition, the company collects relevant data that is used to optimize future logistics processes.

Transparency with the aim of minimizing waste

Real-time track & trace of location and condition creates a transparent chain with the aim of minimizing waste. We all know how much trouble is involved when a shipment arrives damaged at the customer. The customer is disappointed and expects the problem to be solved. Subsequently, a new transport has to be arranged, which can have a major financial impact with the current container prices in mind. The administrative activities around it also cost time and money. A transparent chain creates a way to minimize waste with financial benefits as a result.

Real-time insight into the chain from A to Z

The new real-time track & trace system from Praxas has worldwide coverage, an automatic geofence at the departure and arrival location, the possibility of route geofence, and sends an alarm when a transport deviates from the predetermined route. In addition to location, temperature, humidity, shock and light are also measured. It is used for all modalities; sea freight locations can also be monitored in real-time. Many airlines have already approved the system so that it can be used safely during air transport. If needed, non-lithium devices are available for air transport.

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