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"Big brother is watching you" in the logistics chain: new track & trace exceeds expectations Article Rating

"Big brother is watching you" in the logistics chain: new track & trace exceeds expectations

Have you ever had a shipment lost or delayed? Without knowing exactly where it went wrong, and why? Do you sometimes need to know exactly where your goods are and in what condition they are? Praxas has launched a new track & trace system that can offer this complete chain transparency. Insight into the chain from A to Z, with mobile trackers that are connected to a cloud-based software platform.

Distribution chains increasingly complex

Distribution chains are becoming increasingly complex, and customers expect more and faster information. Covid19 has changed a lot in the logistics world, and in the coming period, a large part of the focus will be on the distribution of the Covid19 vaccine. What impact does this have on the other flows of goods? That is precisely why it is essential to have direct insight into what happens in a logistics chain. If the transport goes well, you usually hear nothing. But if something does go wrong, it will be heard. Generally from the customer, because where is the transport and when can the customer expect it? Or why is it that part of the cargo is damaged? As a result, time and money have to be invested in restoring customer satisfaction, re-arranging transport and keeping extra stock to deal with these kinds of problems.


Bob van Velden, founder and director of Praxas, explains that the company previously offered a track & trace solution. However, this product no longer fully met expectations, and for that reason, its offer has been discontinued. "We realized that track & trace contributes to an optimal and safe distribution chain, but that the solution must meet very high-quality requirements. For that reason, we recently conducted research into an even better alternative that fully met our requirements. And with success. In fact, it exceeds our expectations!"

Achieving benefits at logistics and customer level

The new track & trace solution offers many advantages. For example, there is worldwide mobile coverage via the 4G / 5G network, which determines a location that is even more accurate than GPS. In addition to the area, insight is gained into temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement.

The location at sea can also be traced, and it is even possible to know that a container is on a different boat than planned, and the product has already been approved by many airlines. If necessary, a non-lithium battery can be selected.

There is an automatic geofence at the departure and arrival location. For example, when a truck deviates from the route, an alarm is sent. And also very important, we work with a simple, clear portal that is user-friendly and quickly provides insight into what happens during transport. And all of this is GDPR proof because the system is one of the few track & trace systems that meet the GDPR guidelines. This is very important because track & trace is about confidential data.

Bob van Velden: "The new track and trace system is a number of steps ahead of all other systems in the market. A year and a half ago, we came up with the ideal tracker, and it fully meets this requirement. Nevertheless, we will continue to work hard to develop at a rapid pace and thus maintain the lead. Developments follow at high speed, and it is important to keep following them."

Trackers & Beacons

In addition to a Tracker, Beacons are also offered as a solution. In addition to location, trackers also provide insight into the conditions in which the goods are located. Beacons measure the temperature and are connected to the Tracker via Bluetooth. Beacons are useful for use in a larger space, such as a sea container in which multiple pallets have to be monitored. As soon as the beacon comes close to any tracker, it immediately transmits the current temperature.

More information?

Would you like more insight into your logistics chain and be able to see the status of your transport in real-time? Please contact us, and we will be happy to tell you what benefits this new track & trace system can offer you and how we can help make your distribution chain more transparent and thus increase customer satisfaction.


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