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Praxas sponsors Air Freight Conference 2020

The development of the Covid-19 vaccine is just the first step in the fight against the pandemic. Next is distribution. A wide variety of vaccines will be distributed around the world in the coming months. This presents a major challenge for the logistics world. Solving this puzzle is the subject of the online Air Freight Conference on December 17th and 18th.

Praxas sponsor

Praxas is proud sponsor of this event. During the broadcast a movie will be shown about Praxas and her role in vaccine logistics. Why? Because Praxas can be of great value for the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, when it comes to track & trace, protection in the form of cargo covers, and monitoring temperature during storage and transport. That the vaccines are protected during transport and kept at the right temperature is crucial for the quality and shelf life of the vaccine. And of course for the safety of the patient.

Main challenges in vaccine distribution

• What are the specific transport conditions (temperature, packaging)

• Availability of warehouses, infrastructure and logistics resources

• Which modalities are important for the last mile?

Interesting speakers

Speakers from Johnson & Johnson, Air France KLM, Port of Antwerp and Novartis, among others, will tell their story based on their vision, with the central theme of the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. Click here for the program.

For all vaccine logistics professionals

This event is broadcast online. From multiple studios there will be a professional stream with many possibilities to communicate with the stage and to gain crucial insights into this complex subject. The event is intended for supply chain specialists such as: shippers, carriers, logistics service providers, governments, NGOs, (airports) ports and other stakeholders.

Still a few tickets available

Would you like to participate? The entire event or rather a part of it? We still have some free tickets available. Please contact us as soon as possible.



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