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Prevent damage to Christmas presents during transport

Where most employees are used to receiving a Christmas gift personally, this will be different this year. The corona measures ensure that many people work from home whenever possible. Employers who want to give their employees a Christmas gift will probably have to send it. But how do they ensure that the package arrives at the recipient without damage, while retaining quality?

We all know the traditional Christmas presents. The well-known box with a bottle of wine or specialty beer, a Christmas bread, biscuits, and other treats. Often protected by filling material. When these packages have to be sent to the recipient, whether in the Netherlands or abroad, extra protection is recommended to prevent damage.

What risks can you take into account?

  • Christmas packages are usually packed in a cardboard box. When stored in a humid environment or loaded or unloaded in the rain, the cardboard absorbs moisture, which can cause it to collapse and the products in it are less well protected. This can also be unpleasant for the recipient.
  • Moisture can also cause products in the package to be affected. Pasta such as biscuits soften, packaging labels curl, powdered products can clump. Therefore, make sure that the conditions during transport are optimal so that moisture is prevented as much as possible. Adding desiccants is therefore a good solution to maintain quality.
  • People do not always handle packages with the utmost care. Therefore, make sure that the products in the package are additionally protected. By means of extra filling material, and during transport by applying dunnage bags, for example.
  • When sending fruit and vegetables, or flowers and plants, it is always advisable to add an ethylene sachet to prevent premature ripening. This way it can be enjoyed even longer.
  • Will the Christmas packages go by air? Then make sure that the pallets are provided with cargo covers, to keep the temperature stable and to ensure that the packages remain neatly on the pallet.

In short, make sure that no damage can occur to the Christmas presents, so that your employees receive the appreciation they deserve.

Happy Holidays!



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