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Cosmetics: Why a perfect logistics chain is so important Article Rating

Cosmetics: Why a perfect logistics chain is so important

"Cosmetics, that's make-up, right?" Most people would probably say. However, cosmetics are much more than that. Everyone uses it from birth. Cosmetics is a collective name for all products that are used to guarantee or improve hygiene, physical cleanliness and appearance. And that includes not only make-up but also deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and soap. The logistics process surrounding these products is of great importance for its quality. In this article, you can read why.

The development of cosmetics

The development of cosmetics is a major marketing machine and never stops. The needs of the user are always taken into account, and everyone has their taste. Besides, innovations and sustainability must be taken into account, so the recipe is continuously adjusted, without the quality being allowed to be lost. The responsibility for maintaining the quality of these products is high. Nothing should go wrong during the logistics chain, because when the quality of the products is affected, this affects the brand value. And brand equity is of great importance to many cosmetic brands.

Logistics chain of cosmetics

The logistics process of cosmetics is complicated and extensive, and it already starts in the laboratory where the recipe for the products is developed. The formula consists of carefully selected ingredients, each with specific properties that can be affected by external risks such as temperature, weather, moisture and light. Products of chemical composition can be dangerously affected by temperature. Determining the safety of the product then has the highest priority. This is followed by testing and assessment; does the product keep its promises? Is the recipe resistant to fungi and bacteria, so that it does not spoil too quickly during application? Will the product retain its properties in the packaging in humid or warmer conditions? Only when all this has been assessed and tested, the ingredients will be purchased, and production will start, after which the products will enter the sales process. Is something going wrong somewhere in the link? Then the product may already be affected. This makes an efficient and safe chain of utmost importance.

Risks during transport

Transport is an essential part of the cosmetics logistics chain. Correct conditions are of great importance here, which is why it is carefully considered before the transport of cosmetics how it should be transported.

Temperature and humidity can already affect the product. In addition, light can influence the operation of the product. And theft is also a significant risk, especially for the luxury segment of cosmetics.
Transport companies specializing in cosmetics have specially designed their fleet for this type of transport; vehicles with the correct temperature and humidity in the cargo area, which is equipped with advanced locking systems. Also, drivers are deployed who are specially trained for this type of transport. A data logger is usually used to monitor whether the temperature and humidity remain stable.
Cargo covers are often used for air freight, on the one hand, to hide what is being transported and on the other hand to keep the temperature stable during loading and flight.
For sea transport, a combination of container insulation with desiccants and data loggers (Praxas Container Pack) is an excellent solution to prevent damage to the goods. One of our customers experienced this during the sea transport of soap. Read more about it in this article.


According to the website NVC (Dutch Cosmetics Association), the transport also takes into account, among other things, fuel, transport type and the chosen route. The distance that has to be covered is considered. More and more large distribution centres are being built in order to reduce the number of transports. It is envisaged to use the train instead of the plane, and care is taken to ensure that products remain undamaged throughout the distribution chain to avoid waste. As a company, we are, of course 100% behind this, because our mission is still to prevent waste of goods in the logistics chain.

More information

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