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Soap transport without damage by application Praxas Container Pack Article Rating

Soap transport without damage by application Praxas Container Pack

Goods are shipped all over the world, and logistics companies have the task of organising this as effectively as possible for their customers. One of our customers, a logistics service provider in mainly personal care products, was commissioned to ship a load of soap blocks from Rotterdam to China.

Six weeks of drying time

Normally, blocks of soap only go on transport six weeks after production, because this period is necessary to dry the product. Soap has the natural tendency to evaporate (sweating), which means that moisture is released from the product itself. If this happens in a container during transport, the chance of moisture damage to the cargo is high. The moisture released converts itself again, for example, to mould of discolourisation. In the case of our client, the request was to send the blocks of soap within those six weeks, which required precautions.

Risks during sea transport

The risks during container transport that can lead to damage to the products are often underestimated. Temperature changes during sea transport always cause moisture in the container and depending on the load; this leads to lumps, rust, mould and moist packaging. As a result, goods have to be thrown away, and waste is therefore involved. Alternatively, those products must be returned, and the relevant transport must be arranged again. This has a major impact on the (cost) efficiency and customer satisfaction of the company. In the case of soap transport, it was very clear that precautions had to be taken. Without protection, insurmountable (moisture) damage would occur. 

Ideal container climate with Praxas Container Pack

The Praxas Container Pack was applied whereby extra drying agents were added to be able to absorb the moisture from the load itself properly. Moreover, because container insulation was used to create the ideal climate, moisture was not given a chance, and the cargo arrived at its final destination in China without any damage.

Our customer was not 100% convinced in advance of the operation of the Praxas Container Pack, but this transport has shown that it does what it was made for a 0% loss in the logistics chain. The shipment arrived perfectly, the regular duration of the chain was shortened, and the customer in China was very satisfied. 



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