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Knowledge of risks, expert in solutions

Praxas supplies means of protection and control thereby striving to create the safest possible distribution chain to prevent goods being wasted. Bringing risk and solution together demands general risk consciousness throughout the distribution chain. Praxas innovatively contributes to this. Thanks to its years’ of experience in various sectors it has acquired ample experience in the field of quality control and retention. Praxas applies knowledge from one sector to another enabling qualitatively suitable solutions to be provided.

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Whether your company operates in the market gardening, pharmaceutical, transport, foodstuffs or hospitality industry sector, your distribution chain runs specific risks. After all, goods wastage occurs everywhere. To prevent as much goods wastage as possible, Praxas is active in a large number of different sectors.

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Ethylene, breakage, moisture, temperature, mold and safety can constitute a risk to almost every product group during storage and transport. Praxas contributes to raining risk consciousness in the distribution chain and provides high-end solutions to prevent goods wastage.

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Goods wastage is prevented as much as possible by creating synergy and raising consciousness with regard to risks enabling you to achieve even higher yields from your products and more, deeply satisfied end users. Praxas innovatively helps you to do so.

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Praxas introduces innovative track & trace system: TrackerSense

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Praxas introduces innovative technology to eliminate ethylene and bacteria during transportation

Praxas introduces innovative technology to eliminate ethylene and bacteria during transportation

Praxas, provider of protection and control equipment, introduces the Miatech Bio Turbo 100i, your air purifier designed specifically for trucks. Durin...

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