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Praxas prevents waste of goods in the logistics chain and thus increases your return. Goods are exposed to risks such as temperature, moisture, theft or loss throughout the entire chain. These risks lead to loss and waste. You know better than anyone else that waste costs time and money which has a direct effect on the efficiency of business processes. Praxas offers a variety of products that prevent waste and increase your return. These brands continue to develop together with Praxas into trends, developments, demand and need in the logistics sector. Curious about our story? Our product specialistst will gladly tell you more.  



Praxas offers a wide range of high-quality solutions that prevent waste of your goods in the logistic chain. Data recorders, cargo covers, dessiccants, container liners and track & trace. Our goal is to realize 0% waste. Because waste is unneccesary, and because less waste naturally leads to higher returns.




We offer a number of brands that fit our three pillars for the coming years: specialism, development and quality. Before a product is introduced into the market, Praxas wants to be convinced of its results. This has to contribute to our main goal: 0% waste. With brands such as LogTag, Embatuff, Absortech and DuPont, we make an important contribution to this. 


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On our website you will find extensive information about our products. In the webshop you can request a quote or place an order. Would you prefer personal advice? Our product specialists will gladly tell you how our products contribute to less waste ​and therefore a higher yield. 



Protect your products & improve your bottom line with DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers

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